COM0014: Blog #6 -Customer Story


Photo Credit: Fotostock

At this chapter of my life I am going back to school and currently working part-time at the local grocery store. Ironically 16 years ago when I started in the workforce, I started in the grocery industry, looks like I have come full circle. What brought me back? Originally, I left and worked for Wal-Mart as a Claims Manager for 10 years, later leaving for a Quality Assurance lead position at a Tech company in Ottawa until they closed down last year and moved to the States.  Here I am now, back at the grocery store. The one thing I didn’t realize that I had missed was the interaction with customers and providing helpful customer service.

One day while I was doing my usual day to day tasks, I was working on the grapes counter, reorganizing and rotate the product when a woman approached me. She asked me if I knew if this week’s batch of red grapes were very sweet, see her taste buds were particularly sensitive to sweetness. I had just recently bought some so was able to comment on them and their sweetness level. The woman thanked me for my perspective and sales pitch and put a bag of red grapes in her cart.

A week later the same woman came in shopping and I stopped her and asked her what she thought about the grapes. “You were bang on, just the right amount of sweetness” she replied and carried on her way. The following week we met again at where else but the grape counter. I warned her that I had not purchased any of that week’s batch yet, so I couldn’t give her a fair review. Her reply made my day, no my week “You know I told my husband about you and how nice you are and the fact that you would remember an old lady like me. Your bubbly personality just puts me in a happy mood every time I see you and I tell all my friends and the cashiers at the front about the nice young man in produce.”

This is one of those stories that really sticks with you.

3 thoughts on “COM0014: Blog #6 -Customer Story

  1. Great job Eldon. Your story clearly outlines the importance of good customer service, and moreover, the importance of being kind. Too often we are rushed through day to day living without granting ourselves necessary time to slow down, to be fully aware of the moment, and to be considerate to others. We miss opportunities to be kind. Sometimes a simple smile, thoughtful gesture, or kind words can have a lasting effect on someone. Kudos to you in making this lovely woman feel seen and remembered. I’ll bet you also made her week.

  2. So happy you shared this experience in customer service. Simple things that make the world of difference in someone’s life. Good on you.

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