This Six-Year-Old Made More Than You Did Last Year. For Real.

I was reading Flipboard the other day when a headline caught my attention. Perhaps you’ve already read about Ryan. If not, let me introduce you. This is Ryan.



Ryan is six. And last year, Ryan made $11 million. Yes, that’s right. He made $11 million. That’s approximately $11 million more than I’ve ever made in my life, much less a year.

Making Millions

Now Ryan isn’t a precocious Disney star and hasn’t appeared in a Hollywood blockbuster. No, Ryan made his millions reviewing toys at Ryan ToysReview. His YouTube videos have racked up millions of views and were enough to land him in the number eight spot on the Forbes highest-paid YouTube stars of 2017.

Ryan may be the youngest on the list but he’s certainly not the highest earner. That accolade goes to Daniel Middleton, who goes by the name DanTDM. Last year, he racked in over $16 million for posting Minecraft streams.

According to Forbes Magazine, the world’s highest YouTube earners brought in about $127 million last year.



I’m not embarrassed to admit it. I’m envious. And more than a little curious about what makes these individuals stand out from the thousands of people posting content on YouTube. Really, what makes Ryan’s toy reviews better than this one?

What started as a platform to upload videos, share content and generate comments has turned into big business. Successful YouTube stars have managers, publicists and agents to help them manage their careers.

Becoming a YouTube Star

So how do you become a big YouTube sensation? The folks at Mashable say it’s no easy task but offer some helpful hints:

  • It’s an Investment. High-quality videos require an investment of time and money.
  • Promote via other networks.
  • Find new audiences with different content.
  • Stop, collaborate and listen

Great advice but I’m not sure that’s all it takes to become a YouTube millionaire. According to the Business Insider, one thing is clear – the money doesn’t come from one set place. YouTubers make appearances, do shows and write books.

Tell that to my son. He had grandiose plans on achieving fame on an oddly named YouTube channel called Chicken Blender. Never heard of it? Didn’t think so. It didn’t quite catch on.

Sadly, I don’t think I’m going to become the mother of a successful YouTube star anytime soon, so I’m going to stick with the lottery.

What do you think of Ryan and his millions? Any interest in becoming the next YouTube sensation?

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Image result for twitter iconSo you want to be a #millionaire? Ryan is and he’s only 6. Found out how he did it at

2 thoughts on “This Six-Year-Old Made More Than You Did Last Year. For Real.

  1. I love this story! It’s a little embarrassing for me who did not make anywhere close to that last tear that Ryan has figured out how to make social work for him (or maybe his parents using his personality have). Maybe he will be teaching an online course soon too…nah, he’s smart so he’ll keep this knowledge to himself and retire by age 16.

  2. I don’t even think I have $11.00 in my bank account let alone 11 million! These Youtube stars never cease to amaze me with what content people are willing to watch, anything from Computers to pencil reviews have a niche and eventually someone on Youtube is able to profit from it. like most people I’ve definitely wondered if I could ever do that, but the amount of commitment it takes to run these multi-million sub accounts seems too daunting for me to even try. Also the lack of privacy that comes with the fame of being a Youtube star isn’t something that particularly appeals to me, for now I think I’ll stick with my $11.00 an hour and dream about having 11 million one day.

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