How many of you like to travel?  I am sure that most of you do.  There is nothing like planning for a vacation or even just time off from your place of work.  What would be your ideal vacation location?  How long would you stay for? What is it that you would like to do on your vacation? (Ie: hike, zip-line, scuba dive).

Well my ideal vacation is going to see Ireland, Scotland and Germany.  I have always been attracted to Ireland with its rolling hills and rustic history, who am I kidding!  All these locations have history and rolling hills!  Now in all seriousness, I would like to go for approx. 3-4 weeks.  With needing to accommodate for jet lag and time changes, this would be “the” ideal vacation.


Welcome to Ireland

Has anyone been to Ireland?  What did you do?  What were the ideal sites?  If you could recommend a place, would you recommend Ireland’s Ancient East?  I would, with all that history and legends – the love of all that architect and castles.  Not to mention the number of festivities that take place throughout the year!  For more information go to:

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How about that Scotland Aye!!!

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 What is it that makes this country so vibrant, mysterious and not to mention the legends!  To visit the battlefield of Culloden that was to be the historic turning point for the Jacobite Rising, the castles that sit along the shores and not to mention the famous standing stones. Who wouldn’t love seeing all this.  Seeing all this rugged land that continuously stands untouched.  Just breathtaking.

To really appreciate this country’s history go to:

Last But Not Least – Germany

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The most exciting thing you can do here is enjoy the food and drink!  The cuisine would be fantastic, a cultural change to your taste buds!  With the small village markets and festivals that seem to be endless in Germany would simply be the most entertainment you can imagine.  I have also heard first hand and have seen photos from family that they can be anywhere in the UK.  They hop on a train or jump in their vehicles and can be in Paris or Denmark or anywhere for that matter. The history of these quiet little towns or the big city life will bring to you an unexpected feeling of being welcomed.

Catch all the details of your destination here:

The “Ideal Travel”, this would be mine to be able to enjoy the quaint little markets in the small villages that sit just outside of each country.  What is your Ideal Travel?


Please share your Ideal Travel and Comment on if you have visited any of these locations.



5 thoughts on “IDEAL TRAVEL

  1. Hey TERRIP73,

    Take a hike!

    Your dream travel locations have some of the best hiking on the planet.
    Take Germany for instance. Did you know that there are over 200,000 kilometres of hiking trails? Scotland has four internationally recognized long distance walking trails and Ireland has 10 spectacular mountain hiking and walking trails. Based on your blog discussion detailing the amount of eating and drinking that will take place, a walk will do everyone in your party good.

    Scotland, Ireland and Germany are definitely on my bucket list. As I write this though, with a snowstorm raging outside, my thoughts turn to warmer climates. James Taylor may have Carolina on his mind but in my mind I’m going to Wailea, going to Wailea in my mind……

    When I turned 50 we took the family to Maui for a “Hawaii 5-0” celebration. Your question and the weather has got me dreaming about Maui again.

    Thanks for a dream awakening blog.


  2. Hi Terri,

    Wow, what a great blog this is! It sure caught my eye as it was the first blog I scrolled on and I am very interested in the topic of traveling. I am in the same boat as you. I would love to travel to each of the following places you listed above. One of the main attractions that caught my eye in this blog was Ireland. I have always wanted to travel there as everyone always says how beautiful it really is! I also have a family history of generations of ancestors who had previously lived there many years ago.

    Thanks again for this amazing blog!


  3. I agree with Lopaka – take a hike!! All three of those countries are famous for their walking trails – they are a national pass-time in Germany – you can go on volksmarches (people marches) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and collect patches or pins from each one. The same goes for Scotland and Ireland – there is something for everyone: beautiful scenery, small towns little pubs and quaint hotels. Lovely.

  4. I would agree with all of the above – hiking is the way to go! The Isle of Skye in Scotland has amazing vistas and so much opportunity to hike and explore. I visited Scotland a few times as a child while my mother lived out her pre-social-media Outlander fandom dreams of finding her very own Jamie Fraser hiding in the heather somewhere. Being from Nova Scotia, it reminded me a lot of home – in a good way.

  5. hey terri,
    I’m planning on May to go to Germany to meet my family. I love history and culture. I’m navigating through, I think there are many things to be done while I’m there :).
    thanks for sharing

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