If you don’t read this you’ll have 13 years of bad luck.

Bob the Sloth picks the winner of the MLS Cup

If you read my last blog you know what’s going on in my personal life, so I’ve given my husband the honour of choosing the subject matter for my last blog. After some ridiculous suggestions while we were watching the news, the story of Bob the Sloth picking TFC to win the MLS Cup came up, and he said why don’t you do that for your blog? I initially said no, but then thought about it. Why do we believe in something so seemingly silly as have a sloth predict the winner for the game? My husband pointed out by the way that this sloth had great success in correctly predicting the winner of the last World Cup. To move beyond Bob why do we not walk under ladders, fear Friday the 13th, believe that horseshoes bring good luck…?

What Superstitions?

We all know that superstitions seem irrational and not founded in any sort of logic, and Pitlane Magazine states, ” superstitions have unpredictability at their roots. Bad luck superstitions typically have an association with major transitions, with death, or with upsetting the balance of life at their core, even if the original reason for the association is long lost. Good luck superstitions are associated with gaining a sense of control in unpredictable situations.” Why People Believe in Superstititons (n.d.) Retrieved from http://bit.ly/2yUwiW2  Some examples of bad luck superstitions are if you spill salt you have to throw some over your shoulder to ward off bad luck, not opening an umbrella in the house, and breaking a mirror bringing bad luck. Some good luck superstitions are finding a penny and picking it up to bring yourself good luck for the whole day, or if you break a wishbone and get the larger bone whatever you wish for will come true. There are loads more that I’m sure my reader can share!

Is Superstition Based on Hope?

To me the common theme in all superstitions, whether good or bad, is hope, hope that bad luck will stay away from you and your life and that you will surround yourself with good luck. If we look at what Pitlane Magazine says, superstitions are meant to give the believer some measure of control in a random world. I have always been superstitious, but especially now when I know that my husband does not have much longer to live, I am so careful to follow all these “rules” to try to keep bad luck away, and have good luck in prolonging my husband’s life. I spilled salt the other day and you would have thought that I set a bomb off from my reaction of immediately jumping up and throwing salt over my shoulder. None of us has any idea what will happen from day to day, so if you can throw a penny in a fountain and supposedly have control over your future, or have a sloth give us hope that Toronto can become the MLS champions why not believe, and have hope in a good future?

Did Hope Reign?

As we now know Bob the Sloth was right, Toronto won the MLS Cup. Now do you believe?

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If a black cat crosses your path, or if you walk under a ladder you’ll have bad luck. If you want to predict the winner of the MLS cup Bob the Sloth will predict it in the same way that a fortune teller can let you know what good luck and bad luck lies ahead. Are superstitions a form of hope, or a waste of time? My thoughts are: http://bit.ly/2iKatzm



Are superstitions a #wasteoftime or a #signofhope Hope lives eternal, and here’s why http://bit.ly/2iKatzm





4 thoughts on “If you don’t read this you’ll have 13 years of bad luck.

  1. Hi Sherraine,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog as it stated your opinion on a topic that has been around people for many years. I do too believe that superstition is based on hope because we all hope that bad luck will not happen to us and we are all encouraged that everything we do will end up being good luck. I have tried throwing a penny in a fountain, but I cannot recall if something good actually happened that day, or if it is currently something that the future holds for me.

  2. nice blog :), I remember visiting a friend who is living in a small village in Adana, Turkey; I stayed at her house for few days. In my last day the family gathered, we had lunch together after that I was ready to leave. My friend brought a bucket of water, when i asked her what this is for! She said we believe if we threw water behind our visitors, they will arrive safely to their home.
    I enjoy reading about different traditions. that’s true we always hope bad luck not to happen to us and to our family.
    wish you good luck Sherraine

  3. I think more people are superstitious than not. Even those who say they’re not will be heard saying something they wish for then follow it up with “knock on wood.” I think Alexander Pope said it best when he wrote “hope springs eternal.” Without hope, none of us would be here. Hope is what keeps us all going…hope that tomorrow will be better than today…hope that you find what you’re looking for…etc.

    Don’t ever lose hope!

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