COM0014-Blog #5 Me: Eldon Hunter


I Eldon Hunter am an actor. I have successfully completed 2 Drama courses and have been a film extra in 14 different movies. Since I was a small child I have always seen myself as an actor. Watching films earlier on in my life I remember being amazed at how a certain actor’s (did not matter male or female) performance could convey a certain emotion in me. I wanted to do that, to be able to convey a certain emotion for some small boy, girl, woman or man that would make them escape their reality and get lost in the film I’m acting in.

The greatest thing I can contribute to the craft of acting is my passion. I love the film and television industry. I have over 2000 different films and over 80 different shows on DVD/Blu-ray and have seen a lot more than that. Anyone who has met me will tell you about the gleam in my eye or the excitement on my face when I discuss film and television. I also have the many years that I have studied various films and acting styles and traits to help me further my craft. A little over 2 years ago I started working in background acting and slowly started to gain more experience and take on various roles. On down time I learn the “behind the scenes action” how a certain shot is taking and use that knowledge to convey a better performance.

My fellow performers and peers would say my best qualities are my professionalism on set as well as my ability to take direction. Even as a background performer each person is given a direction, some peers forget or don’t retain theirs during the excitement of it all, so I help remind them of their actions and provide helpful ways to remember so that each take it looks the same on camera.

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