Exploring social listening software [NUVI review]

Over the last few months, I have been trying different social media management tools to find the best fit for my communications team that will allow us the most flexibility managing multiple brands online. These products tend to have a high subscription price point, so there is a lot of value in taking advantage of the vendor’s free trial or demo period and try out the capabilities and components of the service.

I give each trial at least two weeks before deciding whether or not it’s something I want to find out more about, at which time I’ll usually book a demo with a sales rep for a more in-depth exploration of the tool. The latest piece of social media management software I tried is NUVI.


NUVI is a “real-time tracking, analytics, and data visualization tool for social media.”1 Although it boasts itself as a scheduling tool also, I found that NUVI is a much better platform for listening. It’s strength seems to be social listening in terms of tracking mentions, competitors and industry terms both within social networks and on online platforms such as forums.

The software is quite limited when it comes to scheduling and managing mentions. In order to reply you’re taken out of the NUVI platform, which add unnecessary time to flip back and forth between pages. I also think this increases the risk of mistakes.

The reporting dashboard is one of the best I’ve seen in terms of the amount of information it collects, but I still feel like there are some tweaks required.


A sample report was produced for @provenseed2 from July 18 to August 17, 2017. The report analyzed 51 social mentions including the keywords proven seed, #provenseed, @provenseed and PV 200 CL, which was a product we had been featuring at the time.

The peak of conversation happened on July 18th at 5pm, which included the keywords thanks, sign, land, information joe and enbridge runs tests. Positive conversations included the emotions pretty fantastic, thanks, amazing, where the best genetics and beautiful crop.

The most influential profile during the selected time period was @Foodgrains, which has 2,534 followers.

I don’t know that these sentiment results mean much to me in the big picture. Things like information joe and enbridge runs tests don’t mean anything to me in terms of what we were tweeting about at the time – or, really, at all. I felt this sentiment data could be misleading in some ways, even showing tweets with the word don’t in them as being a negative for the brand, which is not necessarily the case.

Here’s a visual sample of part of the report, which comes in a PDF format:

Sample Repor July 18th - August 17th 2Sample Repor July 18th - August 17th 3

NUVI also produced a competitive summary based on which companies we identify as our biggest competition in the social space. A competitive summary was included which showed a comparison of total volume of mentions, share of the conversation, sentiment spread, mention volume and notable activity.

Again, this information was interesting but not all of it was terribly valuable. I find NUVI to be a bit of information overload. Although it’s nice to have all of those resources at your fingertips, I don’t know that the $150/month sticker price can be easily justified.

Showing a direct return on that investment when only 50 percent of the tool’s full capacity is being used would be a challenge, but I think a more robust team, managing a larger number of platforms might be able to better leverage the amount of information that NUVI supplies.

1 Real-Time Social Intelligence. (n.d.). Retrieved December 05, 2017, from https://www.nuvi.com/
2 Proven Seed (@ProvenSeed). Retrieved December 05, 2017, from https://twitter.com/provenseed

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Thinking you might give @NUVI a try? Check out my #productreview of the social suite including a sample of the report layout. http://bit.ly/2kr3iA5


Want to know how social media is helping your business? I took a test drive of NUVI, the social listening platform and marketing suite to see how it can help show #ROI through reporting and measurement. http://bit.ly/2kr3iA5

2 thoughts on “Exploring social listening software [NUVI review]

  1. Hey Julia –

    I’m really interested in your observations about the tools you’ve been playing around with. I’ve also been trying a few tools and haven’t landed on anything I like. I also received an interesting comment on our Twitter page about one of the free tools I had downloaded to play around with. I hadn’t realized it automatically sends out prewritten tweets to followers. Someone immediately caught it and questioned privacy. As a public sector agency, my organization is required to follow Municipal Freedom of Information legislation. This individual was concerned that we had shared their personal information (followers) with a third party. I hadn’t thought about that and immediately deleted the tool but it made me think twice about what tools to use and what can and can’t be shared. Privacy is such a huge consideration when using social media and I am constantly reminded of the complexity related to privacy. It does make me wonder what requirements organizations need to follow when sharing their social media followers with a third-party when users haven’t provided their direct permission.

  2. Interesting issue. Privacy is a real concern but once on social media nothing is private. So doesn’t one negate the other? Once you put something out there, I don’t think you have as much control over who sees it and who doesn’t as you think you have. It’s all a bit of a slightly transparent curtain – not very inconspicuous.

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