Sexual Inappropriateness Gone Amuck?

Social media has been a flurry over the last few months with numerous public allegations of sexual harassment, pointed largely at men.  The online uproar seems to have started in October of this year with Harvey Weinstein and has gained momentum with a new accused being added to the list, nearly on a weekly basis.  Notable names such as Kevin Spacey, Mark Halperin, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Bill Cosby, Jian Ghomeshi….and the list goes on.

They’re not all from the entertainment industry, but in Media, Politics, Business.  It appears this type of behavior permeates our society.  But, has it always been this way or are we just noticing now and speaking out due to the pervasiveness of social media?

Did You Know?

USA Today posted a timeline of Weinstein’s activities “Harvey Weinstein Timeline of Hollywood success and hidden abuse”  What’s interesting is that his harassment allegations date back to the late 1970s.  Yet, it doesn’t appear that they made much of a dent in his reputation at the time.  Fast forward 40 years and he’s nowhere to be found, reputation destroyed, thanks in large part to social media!

Artwork and Sexual Impropriety

Christopher Knight wrote a piece in the LA Times on December 5, 2017, about a fiberglass sculpture of “an innocuous daybed” that in light of Weinstein’s behavior “became a casting couch.”  The artwork, titled “The Road to Hollywood…how some of us got here” immediately became controversial and was removed.  It has since been returned and is on display again.

Erika Rothenberg

The Art Deco-style chaise in Erika Rothenberg’s 2001 installation “The Road to Hollywood,” removed in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault accusations, has been returned to view at Hollywood & Highland. (Erika Rothenberg)

Erika Rothenberg

On the one hand, we’re hearing or reading about improprieties, on the other, we’re listening to or watching ads that continue to sexualized women.  I’m a bit confused about our duplicitous culture.  What does this say about our society?  Let me hear your thoughts.



Sexual harassment or a nice piece of art?  You be the judge on a daybed.  Click on the link and decide for yourself.  Do we live in a sexualized society?


Weinstein, daybed, artwork, sexual harassment – what do all these have in common? #sexualharassment #weinstein

3 thoughts on “Sexual Inappropriateness Gone Amuck?

  1. Hi Ennesha:

    This is definitely a hot topic, just last evening my husband and I had company over and this very topic had actually come up and within our conversation about Harvey Weinstien, we discussed if looking back 40-60 years this very thing was acceptable in its own time. I believe the difference in today’s society is a number of things most pointedly at Pres. Donald Trump. He publicly admits he treats women poorly and there has been only leniency. In one way or another, someone is sexually harassed, whether it be verbal or physical, people these days are now saying “I have had enough”. We are living in a society were we are groomed to be politically correct, and say nothing until there is a breaking point.

    I liked your chosen topic, it will be interesting to see what becomes of all this and what standards of practice and policies are implemented.

  2. Hey Ennesha,
    This post has some very powerful content, and I really like the relevancy it has to arguably the biggest story of the year. I was talking with my Dad about this the other night and he mentioned how insulting it was when people would say things like, “well it happened 20 years ago, why didn’t you say anything then?” or “That happened so long ago, it isn’t relative anymore”. He told compared it to the acts within the church, and how people who were abused knew that because of the power the church held they wouldn’t likely be believed, especially not if they spoke alone. He said that only when people came together did the abuse finally become public, and thousands of people were speaking out everyday about these allegations, many of which had occurred many years prior, these people were sometimes met with the same comments. He then told me that like a scar the wounds never heal, they may be covered up or closed, but they’re always there and telling people that their voices aren’t important because they came too late is disgusting. I think the people who come forward about this behaviour are incredibly brave, because they know how much they risk by going against the norm and challenging what many people firmly believe in.
    I loved this topic and I’ll be keeping a close eye on what’s next to come from you

  3. Thanks for your comments. It will be very interesting to see what the future holds. At times, I wonder if this type of behavior will continue ad infinitum. Or if this is a sign of the pendulum going to the opposite extreme before, over time, it finally balances in the middle. As long as there are different sexes in the world, I do not think we’ll ever see an end to this. As a society, we must define our limits and what we deem acceptable or not. Maybe all we can hope for is that those who do abuse get publicly shamed and legally charged.

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