COM0014 – Blog #4: No Frills makes a grocery store feel like a friend

No Frills was not a brand I grew up viewing as cool, fun, or young; No Frills was a grocery store with lower prices and less glam (or “frills”). Simply put, No Frills was No Cool. However, that image has changed in the last few years all thanks to their very cool social media.

No Frills uses social media effectively to promote Business to Consumer (B2C) transactions, and are reaching their audience through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They present consistent branding across all channels by using the same cover photo on Twitter and Facebook, and the same profile picture on all platforms, and they make use of their signature yellow brand colour in their social media posts. They host contests (like this one for a TV), share information (like the PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum partnership), and promote their sales. But the reason No Frills is killing it on social media is their winning personality.

No Frills has achieved something many brands fail at: they relate to their customer, they make them laugh, they pull at their heart strings, and they feel like a friend.

How many grocery stores can say that?  

No Frills watches your favourite TV shows, like this “Arya ready for tonight?” Game of Thrones shout-out and this Eggos for 11 cents deal to celebrate Stranger Things; has great conversation starters to invite audience engagement, like this post asking followers to “Have some fun by describing your summer using a movie title. We’ll go first: One Crazy Summer; plus, they are funny (“Shake what your mama brought you”) and up with trending topics (“#NationalPastaDay.”)

No Frills is earning amazing engagement on their posts because they are fun and authentic. It feels real and that is why I think this approach is working for the brand.

2 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog #4: No Frills makes a grocery store feel like a friend

    • Definitely start following them! They make me laugh 🙂 The other day they posted about how oatmeal raisin cookies are the reason they have trust issues (it was a side-by-side photo of an oatmeal raisin cookie and an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie)

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