COM0014-Blog #4- Slime Craze


I am sure by now at some point in the last year and a bit you have been introduced to the Slime Craze, where children (and some adults) use glue to create a slime like substance. It all started in 2016 when a vlogger posted a video on YouTube with a slime recipe that contained Elmer’s glue. The video became popular and Elmer’s took notice and took over the craze. Elmer’s saw that this video was popular and decided it was a great way to cash in. They soon started marketing their glue with slime, offering their own slime recipes, gearing their website to slime, promoting other slime recipes, starting the #slime on Twitter and Facebook having customers post/share their own slime creation.

Did all this social media marketing help their brand?

Yes, the proof is in the pudding, or rather slime I should say. Elmer’s saw a significant sales boost in the last quarter of 2016. Sales more than doubled in the month of December and to this date continues to soar, their 2017 first quarter showing a 9 percent growth. All these sales have meant that Elmer’s needed too also boost their production as the craze still continues. Elmer’s still to this date promote their slime generating product with holiday slime recipes, various slime hashtags and fun family videos.

Have you and you children created slime? What is your favorite recipe to use?


Fox Business News:


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