COM0014 – Blog 3 – Freelancing

I have worked in the publishing industry for about a decade. I have had many different roles in two literary agencies. Currently, I create content and pull together pitch letters or marketing materials and sell the translation rights to books. I deal with people in many different countries. I also draft, review and negotiate author contracts. This past year I took on a couple of additional freelancing jobs and I started to think about how to branch out more and offer my services as a freelancer. Ideally, I would like to freelance as a proofreader. I see errors everywhere. My job requires attention to detail and I love helping to perfect a piece of writing.

Most businesses have a website, many have blogs and newsletters and promotion is happening online. A typo or spelling error can be glaring and sometimes all that is required is a second set of eyes on a piece of writing to catch the mistakes.

My target audience would be small businesses with a strong social media presence or the desire to have a stronger presence. I love the idea of working with women-owned companies and helping them to strengthen their businesses through the written word. I would also consider reaching out to medium-sized companies that do not have in-house people for this job but hire freelancers from time to time. There is also the possibility of working with un-agented writers who need a little help with their manuscript.

I would reach my target audience by first creating a Facebook page  and reaching out to a couple of different online networks that I am already a part of. I would also consider becoming a member of Editors Canada and posting my profile and services on their site. I could create a blog dealing with writing and editing and offering tips on how to polish writing.  I feel as though my target audience is potentially large but figuring out what to do first is a little daunting.

For those working as freelancers, how did you get started?



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