From Tiny to Toned – A Lanky Mans Journey Begins

For years I’d never worried about the way I looked, the foods I ate or the things I was able to do. I’d always followed the natural weight for age ratio since birth, I had a healthy complexion (albeit those uncomfortable teenage years) and I was blessed with a metabolism that never left a pound on me longer than an hour. I was completely adequate in every aspect of my health; however when it came to my overall look, I was undeniably A Lanky Man.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term, “lanky is used to describe someone who is tall, thin and typically moves clumsily due to these attributes”. Now before anyone runs to a mirror or gets worried about whether they may be lanky, don’t. Our bodies are all unique and beautiful, and in some cases lankiness can be attributed to having a thinner muscle structure that stretches further across joints due to their length. This is why it’s most commonly seen in basketball player and people who are over 6 feet tall.

<-(In the red we see NBA star chuck Nevitt who stood a towering 7 foot 5, and is a prime example of a lanky frame)







Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get down to how I planned on overcoming my spaghetti arms.

I started with a quick google search for workout routines and after comparing across a few sources, I was able to find a guide on that could help ease me into a routine and build upon it each week (oh yeah this a progress blog! we’re in this together now). It said to begin by finding my target bodyweight. So after an initial weigh-in a came in at just under 135 pounds and height

check of 5’8 (not quite the 7’5 of Chuck Nevitt, but I’m still growing) it was time to calculate where I should be. GQ says, “take height in centimetres and minus 100, that’s your goal weight in kilograms”. After some quick math that came to roughly 178cm – 100cm = 78, 78kg = 171lbs.

<- (tis the season, my initial weigh-in and Christmas socks, maybe I can gain the extra pounds with Christmas baking alone?)


(A double check from Google proved that GQ’s calculations were fairly close to where ideal weight should be)->



This seemed like fairly substantial gain and after checking google it wasn’t too far off. On average a 5’8 male should weigh between 139 and 169 pounds. I decided to set my target weight as 150 so it fell roughly in the middle of the scale. With this in mind I now have a starting point for creating a diet and developing a workout routine which will be covered in the coming weeks. If anyone has any recommendations for foods or meals that they think I should look into please let me know, I’m not picky whatsoever and could use all the help I can get. Thanks for reading everyone and make sure to tune in next week for another Tiny to Toned!


“Here we go everyone! The first weigh-in let’s get this show on the road” #Gains


If anyone has any recommendations for gyms I’m thinking about signing up this week and could use some help over here!!!


-Lanky Man Guide To Fitness

NBA Power Rankings

3 thoughts on “From Tiny to Toned – A Lanky Mans Journey Begins

  1. All the best to you in your journey my friend. I have been working on the opposite spectrum to lose weight, with some nice success, so wish you luck. We always forget that there are those who work to bulk up as it is only the weight loss that is ever publicized. Good luck!

  2. Oh, what I would give to be in that situation, although I do understand your plight (we seem to be at different ends of the measuring stick).

    I’ve been going to Goodlife since 2001 (on and off of course) and find that there’s enough variety there to keep you interested. You can do your own workout; you can get some advice from a personal trainer and then continue with it on your own. Or, they have a variety of classes from cardio to strength building to yoga. A great one for building and toning muscles is Bodypump, which is all about weights. I really encourage you to look into this simply because there’s so much choice and it’s a great place to start. (And NO I do not work for Goodlife nor ever have.)

    As to eating, I’ve been told you have to fill up on protein, whether you’re building muscle or burning fat. Try searching for recipes online, there’s a huge gallery of information. Also, a brief conversation with a nutritionist wouldn’t hurt either.

    I look forward to following your Tiny to Toned story and maybe I’ll be able to match it with my Big to Small story. Good Luck!

  3. Well Lanky Man you should consider yourself a Lucky Man as anybody who has the opposite problem can attest. Your first blog sets the scene for future blogs well with a baseline description of who you are and what your dilemma is. Your readers are encouraged to make suggestions. This engages them and the #Gains is a nice touch to coral the advice.
    Not sure the Facebook and Twitter posts, other than #Gains, really caught my eye but the story would cause me to take a look at the next Lanky Man blog.

    Guess I will, weight, for the next one and see what tone it takes….

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