COM0014 – Blog 2: Communication

I think the most important thing I learned this week was to consider what I want my reader to do before I start to write. I rarely approach writing this way. My style is generally to share or relate an experience without thinking too much about what my goal might be beyond that. My writing tends to be personal and comes to me sporadically. However, if I approached it from the angle of what I wanted my reader to get out of it then I may be able to work with different styles or formats of writing and even expand my base of readers. Storytelling can take many different formats which was also pointed out in the readings.

The second most important thing I learned is to use active voice versus passive voice. It is easy to unintentionally slip into passive voice and this is a great thing to keep in mind when proofreading.

Other great reminders and things I work with most days are re-reading and cutting, editing and proofreading. Often writers are encouraged to “just write” and to worry about cleaning it up afterwards in the editing phase. This is useful when creating content  as long as there are several rounds of editing before posting.


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