With This Service, You’ll be Barking for More!

With this Service, You’ll be Barking for More

The product shown in the ad below is called Barkbox. This is a box that owners are able to purchase for their dogs that contain dogs treats, chew toys, treats, and toys. This enables you to gain trust and confidence as a dog owner by showing that you treat your dog once and awhile and are able to connect by playing with the pet themselves. This ad is very effective in that it states the promotion that is currently running and shows the audience what each box contains by providing a visual of the special for this particular month. The ad also allows consumers to personalize their box by having them put in personal information of their dog within a survey. The price averages about $25 per month in a subscription-based model of business.


Below are some strengths of the company and their Instagram ad.



Subscription-Based Business

Subscription-based businesses allow stability and recurring income each month. Once businesses are able to make a sale, customers are usually subscribed for a long time. Some examples of this business model include brands like NetflixDropbox, blog websites (Medium, WordPress) and Ipsy. This trend also encourages a hassle-free shopping experience for customers. Consumers enter their purchase information once, forget about it, and receive a “gift” in the mail each month.


Clear Incentive

Once you swipe up to “learn more” you are bombarded by an incentive: Get your first box for $5 when you sign up for a 6 or 12-month plan. The message is simple and to the point. As shown in the ad, as a pet owner you know exactly what you are going to purchase if you wish to do so.



After clicking the “get started” button on the landing page, you are prompted to take a survey of your dog to ensure the best products for your pet. By doing this, Barkbox lets the consumer feel as if the items in their box are handpicked for their pet. Each of the pet owner’s needs are taken into care in order to choose the right box for the pet. An example of this is when the survey is taken, it will prompt you to chose the approximate weight of your dog.



Barkbox effectively uses Instagram to advertise their services. By integrating their ads into user “stories”, the brand encourages engagements by asking users to “swipe up”. The landing page is simple, to the point, and allows consumers to easily make a purchase. With the rise of subscription-based models of business, Barkbox is well on their way to success.


Are you a part of any subscription-based services? If so, are you having positive or negative experiences? Tell me about it in the comments!


Social Media Posts Promoting Blog

Facebook: Are you a dog lover? Well, you’re in for a treat! We have found the perfect service for you and your pet – Barkbox. Read this blog article to learn more about this quirky monthly subscription: (link blog)

Twitter: Not sure how to treat your dog? Learn more about Barkbox by reading this blog: (link blog)

2 thoughts on “With This Service, You’ll be Barking for More!

  1. great post. no I’m not in any subscription based service. its amazing how people can be creative in selling their product/service.

  2. Hi Keara,

    Well, this post is a dogs breakfast, literally. I think you “treat” the subject very well. Your sight guidance left me feeling like I would not be barking up the wrong tree is if I used Barkbox. Seriously, your blog topic is fun and the title jumped out at me in the list of blogs for comment. You included a call to action, the incentive, with a targeted dog lover audience. My experience with a subscription based service is limited but I can see how this service would be popular. The personalization aspect of the service would seem to be a critical feature to keep the subscription holders.

    The Tweet and Faceback pages are catchy and would have me take a look at Barkbox.


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