The new content King is a Queen… and she’s an influencer

The ultimate goal for any good content marketing plan is for content to be appreciating. An idea becomes a blog post, a video, a tweet, a Facebook Live stream and, a year down the road, another blog post. In today’s marketing landscape, only 16 percent of consumers trust information found on a company’s website according to social media marketing expert Tyler Anderson, this includes informational content. While consumers turn a skeptical eye toward branded content, roughly 85 percent trust user generated content.

An opportunity existed in the market to bridge the gap between the type of content that consumers are willing to engage with and the products that companies want to promote. Enter: TapInfluence. As the first automated influencer marketing platform, TapInfluence has created a way to pair a consumer with a large social media following and a desire to use their position as a marketing vessel with companies looking to promote their products. The platform even offers a complete library of resources for marketers on how to add influencer marketing to a robust strategic plan. 

TapInfluence CEO, Promise Phelon, recently spoke to a group of content marketing professionals at INBOUND 2017 in Boston, MA about the rise of influencer marketing and how the new King of content is a Queen. Phelon says that women are responsible for the rise of social media. Within the next decade, she expects that two-thirds of consumer wealth will be controlled by women.

COM0011-Image1Women are 80 percent more likely to turn to the internet for recommendations, opinions and advice on products prior to purchase. Sponsored social media posts that are authentic and relatable can add a level of consumer trust that traditional advertising can’t produce. Influencers essentially take what was an advertisement and turn it into an experience that another consumer can understand in simple terms.

COM0011-Image2According to Phelon, the simplicity of this concept is too good to be true for many marketers. She believes that 90 percent of companies have selected the wrong influencers to promote their products on social media. Marketers tend to look simply at an influencer’s reach, but not pay enough consideration to their ability to engage with their audience. Phelon puts more value in the two-way communication that influencers are able to engage in, showing they are real people with real experiences, lending more credibility to the post. A large following or ability to take stylized photos are not as influential to the consumer.

Phelon says the key to picking the right influencer for a product is to choose a believer. Those influencers who are being insightful and engaging are providing a value of $271 per social share back to the company they represent, even with new requirements to add disclaimers on posts outlining that they are sponsored content.

Compared to the price of digital investments, that just makes good sense. Do you see through the marketing veil to know when the average social media post is trying to sell you something, or do you value the reviews and advice of user generated content?


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Could finding the right social media influencer be the key to your product’s success? @PromisePhelon thinks so. [Link]


The new content King is a Queen… and she’s an influencer. Tap into the future of social media marketing with Promise Phelon and how she thinks women, and her company TapInfluence, are the key to credible, user generated promotions. [Link]

One thought on “The new content King is a Queen… and she’s an influencer

  1. I find this fascinating. As someone who knows little about social media in general, and even less about influencer marketing, I found your blog to be most informative. I began researching further to get a better understanding of how it ties into SEO and the effect it can have on SEO rankings. The rest of the world probably knew about all of this, but it’s new to me and I must admit that I’m finding it extremely interesting. I never realized how much traditional marketing has changed and will continue to change as a result of social media.

    I think I’m usually good at seeing through the ‘marketing veil’ as you call it as most of the time it’s obvious that someone’s trying to sell you something. As a newly arrived online consumer I’m finding there is great value in others’ reviews and advice. I also find it interesting that women, according to Phelon, have been largely responsible for the rise in social media and look forward to joining the global village.

    Thank you. Who knows where this can take me….

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