Privacy on Social Media

With the start-up of Facebook in 2004, social life has taken a life of its own on cyberspace. In just one second, messages are sent and received through transmitters to reach users on both ends of the line. Facebook’s takeover today is reinforced by other new technologies and tools that emerged and replace traditional communication methods. Hence, the beginning of a very fast-paced lifestyle commenced. Are humans fast and furious? Let us start off by first pondering about the things you ‘quick-wittedly’ shared on your social media accounts and if that’s even safe?

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~ 3 Tips to Keep You Sane on Social Media ~ 

#1. Always learn a particular platform’s privacy tools. Use them intuitively and effectively, as they are the key in maintaining a healthy social media presence. Please judge by the nature of your posts who should see or NOT SEE the media posts you are about to share. Hint: Your employers and co-workers may not want to see a picture of you attending a Halloween costume party or clubbing event.


#2. Avoid the tendency to post an update as soon as it happens. With a major milestone in life, it always takes a period of adjustment to settle into a new role. Before the media, your ‘friends’, and ‘followers’ know about the big change, your heart should feel content by knowing the next steps on the journey. 40 likes and a couple of congratulatory comments are satisfying, but feeling at ease with yourself is another super important objective at work. Can I handle attention, both good and bad?

Reasons Why You Should Refrain from Sharing Milestones on Social Media

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#3. Don’t tell people where you are. There are predators out there, just like in real life, if not more in numbers. The Twitter glossary shows the availability of various tools within the application to foster online interactions. Geographical information updates with the publishing of a post, hacking, and impersonation accounts can put users at risk of being harmed, especially adolescent and young adult users. Stay safe by sharing event pictures online after they had HAPPENED is always a sound decision.

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The upkeep or potentially a lack of privacy on social media is a popular debate topic today. In contemporary society, all lifestyles are associated with staggering responsibilities and mounting anxiety. It is easy to lose one’s direction and focus. On one hand, social media allows individuals to share to a greater audience, thus building and replenishing their self-esteem and confidence. On another, an individual’s personal life can be exposed to an unnecessary extent through the use of various tools such as Instagram, Snap Chat, and etc. The quick pace of everyday life aggravates the situation, as account users are subject to sharing something on the move and not fully picturing the consequences that can result.

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No matter the stance, privacy is an idea in connection with one’s conscience. In what areas of social media have you struggled with in relation to privacy matters? What are you doing now to reinforce a strong privacy protection? Revealing personal details is provoked by a desire to share and concludes with either the feeling of glory or further reclusion to one’s own bubble. Give or take, it is important nevertheless to protect your privacy online. As application users, we not only want to be instant and original content creators on social media, but also take fastidious care of details. Cyberspace is to become another safe haven. With these tips, I’ll make it to the other side, sane and intact. Or will you?



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4 thoughts on “Privacy on Social Media

  1. Thanks for the informative post on privacy in social media. I still find it amazing to see what’s posted and shared on various social media platforms. Everything from where we work to where we live to what we ate for breakfast. I liked your use of videos and photos to engage your reader to the content. Great job!

    • Thank you for the comment. Our sense of reporting to the public about our private lives is extremely powerful in the use of social media tools. Although this reporting idea may help support the marketing objectives of businesses, it can also cause trouble to the individual and his or her personal safety.

      Like you, I am also amazed at the variety of photos that are posted, i.e. in fitness rooms or at volunteer events. It is as if we have moved our face-to-face interactions to the web. Instead of engaging in meaningful conversations in person, many people find ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ more engaging because their personal brand is a powerful lure that asks for upgrades and approval.

  2. This is similar to the article I posted, in that users do not stop to contemplate how what they see as a fun innocent post can impact not just current employment, but also future employment as these posts are always searchable. In addition they can impact relationships as well as well as pose a security risk as you pointed out. We always warn kids to not talk to strangers, but what do many parents do? Post images of their children with information on where they may be found for the predators you mentioned. Great points!

    • Hi Sherraine! Your article is very insightful and acts as a good warning post for employees and employers alike. What a dangerous online world we situate ourselves in, as it is the 21st century. The contemporary epoch brings with it many comforts and liberties; however, some may argue that we are actually more constrained spiritually and emotionally. I can’t even begin to imagine if I lost my beloved job because of a post I had made on my social media. How traumatic this would be.

      On another note, I think employers HAVE to understand that social media is the private sphere of an employee’s life. Company policies should be slack enough to bypass some liberties and advocate respect for the worker. Although one thing to point out here is that many cases of fired employees actually were instances were company rules about informational release or rules of conduct (appropriate behaviour in the workplace) are crossed, which impact negatively a company’s reputation and brand. In this case, measures have to be taken to protect the company’s integrity.

      With the mounting popularity of social media where everyone has access, these employees’ posts are extremely hurtful towards a company’s self-branding and can jeopardize marketing goals. In addition, customers’ experiences also become paramount as consumers decide which brand to declare their full loyalty based on online reviews.

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