Consistently Impacted

For my first blog, I have chosen a topic of how social media impacts the news.  In a world that is constantly changing, so are our everyday habits. For instance, it is now November and the weather can change rather quickly. How many of you wake up in the morning and check the weather?  See what has been recently posted on Twitter? I know that I do and the rest of my family as well. With the questions of: is it cold out; what are the road conditions; what is the best route to take to work today; etc.  This then leads to the considerable changes of how our local news will be portrayed by the end of the day.  Not only are we checking the weather, we are also searching for any accidents on the highway or are there any constructions delays on our way to work.

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All of these little nuances that run our day to day activities and to manage to stay in the know and the now’s with the assistance of little apps called Twitter; Facebook; etc. gives you a basic knowledge of what has happened in the news, what company just opened its doors, what accident just happened on a highway or road that you need to take to get home or to work.Along with this are little article’s posted by big yellow bus, public school boards and local radio stations too needing to reiterate what is coming, what is current and breaking news and local traffic announcements.  With these as part of those two little words “Social Media” the public are always aware of what is transpiring in their community and are able to take the currently “posted” information and useful tips to help navigate through their day.

In a matter of minutes, people can scroll through all the notices that will give them the an up to date report of a particular player; what our prime minister is attending; severe weather notices; advertisements for brain games, airlines posting what is now considered a carry on as well.  Like anything else, I can go on and on about what is posted.

News Article ****

I for one prefer to see a brief notice of events and then be able to read an article that interests or impacts me.  With the level of communication that is being amplified through social media – the 6 o’clock news is really out of date when there is communication rushing through the lines by instant notifications to the public much faster than what awaits a person coming home to watch their local news.

Tell me, do any of you see how our news is being impacted by social media?  If so, what room is there for local TV news and programing. Such an article listed by the Bernstein Crisis Management Group “Factors that Influence” – Social media can let you spread the news wherever you are in the world at any point allowing news to be unfiltered and instant with no editing or lag time in delivery….

3 thoughts on “Consistently Impacted

  1. In my experience, I feel like social media does effect the news majorly! Especially when there is an event or ongoing activity, I find that information can be inaccurately communicated.
    Some people are not sharing in real time, or delayed with a reply, so something could have already been resolved, and their is still messaging around that subject matter. For example, with the recent work stoppage for Ontario Colleges, people were tweeting about how upset they were about a recent offer. When in fact, the offer had been revised, but there was a tweet still in that persons feed, which made them believe the news was accurate. D’oh!

  2. Hello Lisa!

    Yes the latest that disturbs me the most is the college strike and it is very upsetting. I feel for these kids that have either education grants/loans or have worked hard to save to pay for their term or are international students that this has been the outcome for their education. Accurate communication of information is definitely an oversight with social media and people really need to slow down and make for certain they have the most up-to-date communication.

    Thank you Lisa for you comment!

  3. I think that this blog post illustrates the beauty of social media as well as the news items you find online. The fact is that everything you read or post can be counted, so if your news feed sees you are more interested in lost cat stories than say, ISIS attacks, your feed will slowly be shifted in that direction. I also see changes in the online newspapers like the Globe and Mail or New York Times. Open it in the morning, and you’ll see one set of articles on the front page, in the afternoon, they have all been changed to reflect what has been going on that day. A super cool feature, I think since we are now in a 24-hour news cycle universe.

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