COM0014 – Blog 1: A Gem

A group of my friends have been going to Nangor Resort in Westmeath, Ontario, every August long weekend for many years. This summer was the first time I joined them. Stepping out of my car on arrival I realized that I had stumbled upon a little piece of heaven.

I immediately felt like I had stepped into a simpler time.   The accomodations were basic but the beach was so amazingly beautiful that even now as the days are getting shorter and colder, I cannot wait to go back. My children were so happy to be there as well. Going into nature is such a great reminder that sometimes it takes very little to be happy.

We barbecued outside while the sun treated us to an amazing sunset and the children played freely in the sand. We drank beer and wine and sat on blankets on the sand chatting and laughing. We gathered around a roaring campfire to roast marshmallows and sing songs. We went to bed when we felt like it and not just because it was getting late. We walked everywhere barefoot for the entire time we were there. Best of all, we just enjoyed being and being together.

I have spent a lot of time travelling outside of Canada and I often forget that having an adventure doesn’t require a plane ride. And sometimes the adventures are right on my doorstep.

Being a single parent means that I can’t scoop my kids up whenever I want and fly off to foreign lands to explore. It requires more planning and thought and money. However, it is so lovely when a reminder comes that we will still have adventures and that there are so many gems to discover even on our own doorstep.

Have you found an unexpected gem not too far from home?


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