COM 0014 Blog 7

Personal Reflection : Social media is my solution.

It is hard to believe that this course is wrapping up. I am still getting used to my new found voice.

You know, I used to be an interesting person…

When I was younger I had loads of great adventures! As soon as I was finished high school I headed out west looking for work and enjoying the freedom of travel.

I have been a tree planter, a fruit picker, a fashion designer, a tractor driver and a brush cutter. I worked in a t-shirt factory.  We drove a car to Costa Rica, on two different occasions. We built two houses; one in the jungle and one in eastern Ontario. We lived in an abandoned warehouse filled with artists, and bought an 1860’s stone school house. We own a newspaper.

After awhile, we settled down and made a little family. I have to say, that is when the real work began and I lost myself in it. Now, the kids have grown up, and moved on.

So, when I am asked to ‘tell a story’, I am happy to report that I have some experience to draw on. I feel like I am able to look inside myself and draw out some of the interesting ideas that I have in my head and express them in a quick and easy format, like a blog post.

For years I worked from home. I have to admit that can be very isolating. There is a big commitment required for successful self employment.

Now, I am realizing that the ‘social’ part of social media is what is so appealing to people. It is like old fashioned speakers’ corners where any one can stand up and say their piece. I too feel like I can formulate my ideas on paper and share them online — even if there really is no audience.

I also know from past experience that it is crucial to be specific while communicating to avoid confusion. This course has helped me to refine my writing skills and encouraged me to be precise. The short format encouraged me to be concise. Like a good short story, every word has to be here for a reason, and no extra words should be included.

I feel like there is so much more room for people to be creative in the social media sphere. Most blog posts follow the same formats and styles; probably by necessity.

I think that there is a chance for people to explore the media and I am guessing that it will transform itself over and over again.



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