COM0015 – Blog post #4 – Time to get out of the Box

After all the valuable information, conclusions, discussions and readings we have gathered throughout this course regarding the best practices for social media communication in the areas of social media strategy, monitoring and measurement, and digital communication….it’s time to get out of the box and shine- time to put into practice everything that was learned. But how can you put into practice social media business?


We have seen the importance of networking, and how networking can lead you to new opportunities. The many ways you can do business networking through social media: participating in groups and discussions involving others you want to connect with, reaching out to specific people in your niche; having something to offer to your contacts, fostering relationships with influencers, leaders and prominent people in your area that lead to press mentions, likes, shares, traffic, etc. All of these actions have to be part of your networking plan. And the more people you know, the more important it becomes to have a plan. Having a plan that helps you focus on your networking activities will help you get what you need from the experience as you carry out your networking plan and will also leverage purpose for results.

You will plant the seeds of connection and reap the harvest of success later.



So, it is really time to get out of your box, get noticed with all your knowledge and shine into networking be it online, or in-person.


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