COM0015- Blog Post #4 Out of the Box

Social Media has been a great way to stay connected to family, friends and colleagues. Everyday people are discovering different ways that Social Media can used that may be considered  “Out of the Box”.

Over the last few years I have seen quite an increase in Social Media being used to promote and bring awareness to Health and Wellness.  Individuals and Organizations use it to post a variety of requests such as Organ & Blood Donations as well as Flu Shot Clinic information.

Go Fund Me Pages have become beneficial and quite popular for families or individuals that may need financial assistance during or after a health crisis.

Social Media has also been used as a broadcast tool when dealing with Natural Disasters. For example, Facebook added an Emergency Check-In Feature for people in Natural Disaster areas. Anyone in the area of the disaster is immediately asked to check on Facebook that they are okay and give their status. People also have used Facebook when telephone land lines and televisions are down and they need to find information on assistance or shelter locations. After tornadoes in the south earlier this year people were using it to help identify personal items such as photographs, diplomas and birth certificates by posting them to Facebook groups.

Just recently twins from Western Canada were reconnected with their birth father from a Facebook post that the fathers wife posted. The post went viral and the twins were located and talking to their birth father within 3 days of the post.

Lastly, pets have really benefited from Social Media. I personally have been using Social Media everyday to try and locate the perfect Hypoallergenic dog for my family. Its wonderful to see all the daily connections that are made on sites like Petfinder and Ottawa Dog Rescue.  These animals would not have the exposure in such a short time if it wasn’t for Social Media.

These “Out of the Box” uses for Social Media have really helped people and animals in times of need. I hope that even more great uses come out of these tools and we continue to use it to better society.  Have you ever seen Social Media used in an “Out of the Box” way?

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