COM0015 – Blog 4 “Out of The Box”



Recruiters and organizations are turning strategically to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more unclear niche social networking sites to extend their global reach, speed recruitment sourcing and also to cut costs. There are many channels that are free, but the process is not without its errors and potential dangers.

The community has reached the point now where social recruiting isn’t just a novelty but it is something that you require to have for any successful recruiting strategy.

Researching blogs, niche communities and groups within networks can give the Human Resources Department information to plant content seeds within these sites to attract more-qualified applicants. It is highly recommended for companies to use social media to remain competitive

A Twitter account or Facebook page won’t be if helpful if you don’t have time to update or communicate with people. If you don’t have the manpower to cover all bases at one time, you may instead deter top-notch applicants instead of attract. It’s important you first define your targeted audience and determine the most appropriate avenue for your organization.

Some recruiters make the mistake of sending out generic messages to their entire audience base when in fact this strategy is more likely to frustrate people who otherwise would have been interested in your company. It is better to try to tailor your messages to a group within the same profession and or job so potential employees do not start ignoring your posts or block you. I see this happen quite often and find it very frustrating.

The people who form your company are in the best place to share company culture authentically on social media. To help them get comfortable talking about the brand, create a social media policy. Knowing the boundaries for using social media at your company allows employees to creatively promote your brand because they’re not constantly worried about making mistakes.

One major issue I see is that companies encourage their employees to start talking about their company on social media with branded hashtags. What could possibly go wrong do you ask? The employees need to understand your company policy and best practices for using social media. If you do not have this in place, serious damage to the reputation of the company may be possible.

There are several tools out there that can help you monitor social media presence for opportunities to connect with employees and potential employees, look for relevant content to share, and look out for problems. There are plenty of good things about social recruiting. But there’s room for error as well. Get the facts about social recruitment, and see what happens when the world’s worst boss tries to make use of it.

Do you have any stories you can share about mistakes that companies have fallen into without having a proper strategy in place?

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