COM0014 – blog 7

Why is storytelling important

I strongly believe that storytelling is an important element for any content you create. I use personal stories in my blogs because it helps me create content more successfully; a personal touch can make any kind of content interesting. It is important to tell a story when creating content because it makes a connection between it and the reader.


My content will be guided by stories of my experiences. Stories grab our attention, capture our emotions and explore the possibilities of our mind. It’s a powerful tool, and one that should absolutely be used in marketing and branding. Your business advertising should be filled with stories that have this power, and social media is the platform on which to tell them. I’ll connect facts and news stories with my own experiences, bringing real-world examples to subjects.
What I am mostly trying to show in my blogs is the honesty of my thought and opinions I have. The stories I am trying to tell are as accurate and honest as possible. I must give a correct representation of myself so that I can create a direct connection with my readers. The stories don’t need to be a particular type, so long as they are true to myself.



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