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Catherine Whittaker – COM0014  Blog # 6

Whether we are running for office, advertising our new shop or trying to gather a group of volunteers together to host a community fundraiser we all need to be able to communicate.

In my experience as a reporter at a community newspaper, people would shy away from having their picture taken, saying ‘oh no, I don’t want my picture in the paper.”

However, after publication, when their friends and neighbours reacted to the story in the paper, with local folks saying ‘hey, I saw your picture in the paper’ they loved it! And rightly so, credit for a job well done, or congratulations for a specific achievement, really makes everyone feel their very best.

These days, we can apply that same idea to the online media world. We all agree that the internet is here to stay. In fact, it has become indispensable. People are happy to share their stories. Stores, businesses, farmers’ markets and road side vendors need to get the word out to build brand awareness and drive sales. Candidates in elections need to reach as many potential voters as possible.

This is where I come in.

With over 20 years of experience writing for print media, and at least as many years of advertising experience, I am your results based communication expert.

How do we reach our audience?

The internet is a colourful, vibrant place. In fact, it reaches around the world! In most instances, small businesses target a market that is much closer to home. Realistically, there is a big need to be able to reach local markets in an online format.

With my years of experience in advertising and design, I can create a media package for you that will deliver your message to your local, and interested, target audience. It will be snappy, eye-catching and be connected to actual communities that you want to reach. At the same time, we have developed ways of targeting the folks that you really want to connect with; the people in your community.

Take advantage of me and my knowledge

All of the things that community newspapers have always done, a grass roots online media strategy can equal and surpass.

As your communications professional, Catherine Whittaker can;

  • Create a Facebook page that can get you connected to your customers and neighbours. Followers will know your story and become involved with you and your business.
  • Share your news stories, and give real time updates of your community events on your Twitter feed. We can direct people back to your webpage for more information.
  • Open interactive communications so that readers will be able to order your projects, join your groups and contribute to your projects.


Take credit for you success

Go ahead. Brag a little. Your world needs to hear your story.

Let us create a profile package for you, complete with professional, high quality photos, a story about your business, and your contact info. We’ll showcase you on our online platforms and connect you to our area communities through our social media connections.


Experience speaks volumes

Catherine Whittaker can deliver for you and your organization!

  • Excellent experience with home based business advertising, community group publicity and event promotion
  • Expert in print media – Let me apply the basics of good communication to new forms of media
  • Showcasing the ability that I have to meet deadlines – I can break big and daunting tasks down to smaller manageable jobs, and deliver results
  • My proven ability to multi-task, perfected over the years of experience in a newspaper and deadline driven workplace, will work for you.

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