COM0014 – Blog 6

I have been a gear head for as long as I can remember and today I will be writing about the automotive industry. I think that the industry’s greatest flaw is that gear heads, like me, are never getting an inside view about the rarest super cars. This is something I never really realized until now. Once sold they vanish from public eye. If it was reviewed, then that review is usually heavily edited. The reviewer was payed off by the brands to create or manipulate a hype around their product to influence the top elite buyers.


Back in the day, I would read amazing articles about how some cars would require you to have a special ownership status to purchase the car. You could only achieve this status by having certain cars in your collection. As well, the Ferrari family would give you a monthly class so that you could own a car (extra emphasis on could, because some people failed that class). I thought it was remarkable to be part of such an elite class of people. Can you imagine, the only way you could be put on the list for the Ferrari Enzo was to own a collection of Ferrari super cars like the 308 GTB, F40, F50? It was all completely secret; Ferrari would directly contact those eligible to purchase the latest car. It was truly a revelation to read about!


Pagani Zonda Cinque – 1 of 5 is worth approximately $5.8 million CAN

The elitism problem has changed overtime; instead of having an established list, anyone can buy the car if they have enough money. However, by opening up the bidding to everyone  the price of the car has gone up exponentially. So, the industry problem of elitism persists; it’s being kept from regular folk and car enthusiasts. If you have a company that makes a car of which only 5 will ever be built, how can we see it? How does it act, or what can it do? You can’t really know for certain. I mean, sure you can see a couple videos about it from the automaker, or second-hand from people who claim to have seen it on the street, but there is no real data on it. If a review is made, usually the brands choose who will make these reviews. Usually it will be one of the 3 biggest names in the world like Chris Harris, Jeremy Clarkson, or Jonny Lieberman. This perpetuates the elite problem because no one else can review it and it’s never to be seen again; it will disappear into someone’s collection. The owners, of course, will have them but rarely take them out. If someone ever sees a Pagani Zonda Cinque, pleas contact me (and not at an expo but on the street or racetrack).


However, there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Austin Martin, Bentley and many, many more, are starting to give the chance to smaller reviewers to get their hands on super cars. Soon they’ll be able to create an honest review. So Pagani, if you have an extra invitation I am available!

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