COM0015- Assignment 5- Top Networkers Do This…

For my final blog post in my Applied Social Media in Business Class at Algonquin College, I was asked to participate in a professional development event either online or in person.  I chose to participate in a 1.25 hour Webinar hosted by Kate Gaffin on the “7 Things Top Networkers Do That Wins Them Endless Business…And How You Can Easily Do The Same”. The link to the webinar can be found at here.

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I chose this online Webinar as I had attended many local Networking events in the past but never felt that I was getting much traction from them. I was hoping that this Kate Gaffin’s webinar would give me some further insight on how to connect and win business from these types of networking events.

Activity 2Webinars are great when the technology running them works but during the first 5 minutes of the webinar the host was having sound issues and was corresponding with me and other participants in the Question window and was not sure we could continue.  The audio was fixed very quickly and we went on with our event. I met with the host Kate Gaffin briefly beforehand online and participated with other people who asked questions and commented throughout the webinar within question bar on the right.  I was a little disappointed that the Webinar seemed to be prerecorded as the comments from other viewers seemed to be scripted and there was very little time given to ask questions or chat back and forth with the host.

Although the Webinar didn’t seem as real time as I had hoped I actually found it very informative.  I loved that the host discussed how easy it was to stay connected and build mutually rewarding relationships with our social networks.  She explained how by sending quick texts or Facebook messages to your clients letting them know that you are thinking about them was a very personal and useful way to build rapport with your network.

Screen Shot 3 2017-11-03 at 1.05.03 PM

She also stressed the importance of immediate follow up after meeting with someone for the first time. She mentioned that she never gives out business cards anymore because she connects with them in real time on LinkedIn or sends them an email from her mobile device right on the spot in real time.

5 Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 1.27.15 PM

My favourite quotes from this webinar was, “Social Media is The Biggest Networking Reception on the Planet”.

I would definitely attend another online Networking Webinar. I found that it was easy to follow along and it gave me some very postive real life stories on how people connect. The next time, I will spend a little more time really researching the speaker so that I can be sure that I am getting what I want out of the webinar and that it doesn’t turn into a sale pitch in the end.  Have you ever gone online and watched a Social Media or Networking Webinar? Did you get anything worthwhile out of it?


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