Successfully Connecting to the Present & the Future

COM0015 - Blog #3

Networking can help you generate new sales leads, deepen connections with existing contacts and learn useful information about your markets.

I plan to practice networking by attending lots of different networking events. You will meet many interesting people and contacts, some of which will become great clients, colleagues or friends. I will need to get comfortable hearing the word no, maybe on many occasions but will not give up. I believe that hearing the world no, may just build my character and will make me more determined to succeed. When one door closes, another door opens perhaps!

Online networking will also play a big part in my strategy by using a variety of channels to connect and to engage with existing, new as well as internal and external stakeholders. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube will be the channels that I concentrate on to help build relationships and to show my value proposition.

It is important to grow a relationship and to communicate by maintaining regular and consistent contact with the people in my database by using a CRM system. One of my most successful communication tactics is to periodically meet with people in my network face to face. It’s much more personal and much more fun too.

Activities and commitments in the next six to twelve months will include increasing my knowledge about our market, specific industry issues or the factors that influence our customers’ buying decisions. I will focus on finding 60 new contacts that will also benefit from offering referrals or introductions to prospect customers.

Continuous follow up is a missing step we all forget to do. But following up to see how the introduction went, or randomly following up a few months later with no agenda will not only help you maintain your connections, but foster the relationship to a different level.

Before you think about networking, it is recommended that we remove the word working from our system. We hear people talking about putting on their networking game, and I can’t help but wonder how they can free themselves of pretending to be something that they are not. It’s likely that the people you’re trying to reach get approached by hundreds of people just like you; and it’s not difficult for them to weed out the people who are simply putting on a face. Would like to be called a typical salesman or someone interested to connect with?

Here is an interesting read that every salesman should know before jumping into networking.
































































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