COM0015 -Post 3 Networking for the Future

My present Strategy for Professional networking is to use Social Media to my full advantage.  I have set up profile for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube to name a few and plan to reach out to potential networks all over Ottawa.

I currently use LinkedIn for business and update it often to reflect new connections, employment postings, company media releases as well as other important information for my networking strategy.  I invite each and everyone of my current customers to connect with me through LinkedIn and ask them to join my professional network. This has been a great way to keep my finger on the pulse of  what my customers are up to as well as what events are going on with their businesses in and around Ottawa.

I also plan on becoming more involved with the Ottawa Business Journal events as well as joining the Kanata North Business Association. I will then follow all of their social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube so that I can get to know who the players are in the area. I will attend their Breakfast Meetings to introduce myself to potential clients as well as to find out who is in the area and keep on top of my competition.

Lastly, I want to restart my Blog that I haven’t touched in a few years. I love Blogging and its time to reconnect and start writing again.  I want to go back to what I love doing most and continue to reach a broader audience and introduce myself to people that I might not normally meet online or in person that have similar interests and would benefit from my knowledge and experience and vice versa.  

Have you ever started a blog and stopped? I really miss it and hope its as easy to start back up. I love Networking and for me Blogging is just an extension of that. How about you?

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