COM0015 – Blog #3 Networking online

Networking is an essential part of advancing any business. Efficient networking can help you make new contacts and create exciting business opportunities. For example, someone who is looking for a job is more likely to get it through someone else he knows, rather than through education or work experience. So, it’s not enough to produce outstanding work. You need to connect with people, show your interests and goals, and build relationships with different people. These relationships become crucially important for your business.

Online networking is really powerful and can allow you to make the same number of connections that traditional networking would take years to create. But online networking is not about liking and sharing posts on LinkedIn…it’s about applying a targeted, thoughtful and authentic approach.

But how can you network effectively online?

First you need to list your objectives. Take notes of the names of the people and companies you want to connect and use the list of objectives as a guide to start a conversation online. Start conversations and engage in those people’s discussions. Additionally, share posts and ideas that are related to your and their interests. These are great ways to network with people online. And please, when you add someone online, don’t forget to send a message introducing yourself and always follow through.

Online networking will become more prominent in the future. It will continue to shape and influence how people live, work and socialize within the world. What do you think of the future of social media networking?

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