Optimal Health and Difficult Choices

If you were to ask anyone whether they had a preference of being healthy or unhealthy, most people likely would admit to wanting to have the most optimal health possible, but unfortunately many don’t have it. It likely has to do with the fact that they lack knowledge, that it’s an effort and it also may be costly. In this day and age, we are surrounded with an array of products that are loaded with unpronounceable ingredients. There is an abundance of products to please everyone, some are healthy and cost more and others are unhealthy and less expensive.

pic grocery storeMarketers convince people that they need and want their product and the more they sell the more profit they make. They will advertise the most unhealthy foods because the rate of return is higher.

The food industry claims to have our best interest to heart but their actual goal is to make profit and only that! They really could’t care less about your health.


Chemicals and sugar are cheap and a lot of “foods” contain those dirty ingredients. Despite their toxicity, the marketing tactics such as packaging and advertising make it very enticing for people to buy the products and consume them. The temptations are endless and people’s self-discipline is often compromised by the need to get instant gratification.

pic 2 girl healthy vs sugar

Difficult choices!

Children are the most vulnerable as they’re exposed to advertising, bombarded from different sources everyday. To get a glimpse on this sad reality, check out this 2 minute video: We’re Not Buying It: Stop junk food marketing to kids

The desire for optimal health is strong as long as it doesn’t require us to abandon bad habits. Instead most people will resort to quick-fix solutions to most of their needs which require minimal personal sacrifice. We are creatures of habit and crave pleasurable things whether it be food, drink, affection, things, etc. Depending on our age, most of us tend to live in the moment and don’t think about the future. This is true mostly for young people. As people reach further into adulthood, they will tend to care more about their long-term well-being hence will aim to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

At which point in your life did you realize that it was worthwhile to start making lifestyle choices? Was it when you started getting some aches and pains?

The body has a fabulous way of flagging issues with uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms. Most people at this point will be motivated to make a change once and for all and will start making healthy food choices, start and maintain a steady exercise routine, and take steps to enhance mental and emotional health. If successful, later in age they will have a taste of what it’s like to be healthy as they compare themselves to other people in their age group who haven’t made healthy choices for a long time and continue on that path.

pic 4 2 men same age

Two men of the same age: one has a healthy lifestyle, the other does not

We all have to face the fact that if we were to pay a little more for healthy foods today, we will save so much money later in healthcare costs, and be healthier, mobile and pain-free. The benefits of eating healthy today and investing in your health are endless. There are difficult choices to make everyday as we are influenced by marketers and our cravings but our health is an investment.

Here are 6 Surprising Reasons Eating Right Pays Off.  What steps will you take this week to improve your health?

I wish you optimal health!



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