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Fierce honesty is one of my personal qualities that sets me apart from my competitors. I always say what I truly believe, even if people do not like it. I think this really translates in my writing and makes it more interesting to read because it is a true narrative of my thoughts; it isn’t washed out or indecisive.

1-brand Brand brain storm.

Along the same lines, I try to only write articles that I’m passionate and knowledgeable about so that my audience receive a piece that is both thoughtful and well-researched. I’m not spreading fake news! I think that by writing about my passions, I feel the need to make a piece worthy of that subject and it pushes me to be a better writer.

At work, I guess I’m showing leadership qualities. Just yesterday my boss put me in charge of another construction site. I think this promotion is again due to fierce honesty. I don’t mind telling people that they need to do a better job. That being said, I try to recognize and appreciate when people are putting in the effort. I want my team to enjoy their job, but I need them to perform well.

What I’m doing right now that I’m proudest of is going back to school. I’ve started two different post-secondary degrees but didn’t finish them for reasons beyond my control. I’m proud that despite this, I’ve picked myself back up and am trying again. I’ve had an awesome experience with this Social Media certificate program and I’m looking forward to completing it at the end of this year.

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