What do you think about Ad Blocker?

100 million users can’t be wrong!stop hand

When I watch television these days, I usually record my favourite shows and watch them later. That way, I can skip the commercials. For the same reasons, when I use Google Chrome these days, I use Ad Blocker. That way I can browse without having to look at those pesky ads, and my Internet performs better.

Fast Facts

For industry insiders, that means that 20% of people are not seeing the ads that accompany ‘free’ websites.  Publishers are raising the alarm that Ad Blocker will be the end of the Internet. Personally I do not believe that. The same statistic indicates that 80% of users are not using ad blocking software.  That is a fairly high rate of penetration.

Consider ‘junk mail’ or Unaddressed Ad Mail, (recently renamed Neighbourhood Mail by Canada Post). I am sure that advertisers would be pleased if 80% of all flyers were read by householders!

Data use

An even bigger advantage is that Ad Blockers help to keep costs down for consumers.  Internet ads use up our data and that makes our monthly bill for service go up.

screen shot 2016-03-16 at 9.30.10 am copy

The distribution of mobile data transferred on news websites. A video was responsible for the big JavaScript outlier on the left. Enders Analysis

The study found that ad content accounted for between 18% and 79% of the mobile data transferred, depending on the site. JavaScript elements — often used by publishers for ads, but also for visual elements such as animations — added an extra 6% to 68%. Enders noted that the JavaScript it came across in the study wasn’t central to the articles being loaded.

“The researchers concluded that it is reasonable to say advertising accounts for half of all the data used by publisher pages loaded over mobile data networks on the iPhone 6.”  (BusinessInsider.com) Ref 3

Clearly our precious mobile data is being gobbled up by ads. As a mother of 2 teenage boys I have paid hundreds of dollars in data over usage fees. I think that as consumers we should be able to have the choice to go ad free.

Do you use ad blocking software on your home computer?

Do you use ad blocking software on your mobile phone?

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