The President’s Tweets: 140 characters vs the Truth 

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, loves to tweet. He manages to do what few can with just 140 characters. With a few amount of words, Trump can completely eviscerate a political opponent or spark division of an entire nation.

President Trump’s personal Twitter account has over 41 million followers and he has 36.2 thousand tweets.

Twitter has been the President’s preferred method of addressing the public since he took office.

The President is infamous for using Twitter to throw attacks at political opponents, media outlets and journalists.  He even uses twitter to publicly shame and insult anyone who disagrees with his administration.

Before he was even inaugurated, Trump  called any news anchor and/or station that questioned or made negative statement “Fake News”. President Trump still believes that numerous news stations, including CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN, are purposely sprouting lies about him and are trying to undermine his administration.


Though many of Trump’s claims on and off Twitter have been proven false, he continues tweeting regardless. President Trump knows that if he stands by his statements and discrediting the most vocal of his opposition will keep his base followers on his side.

President Trump’s style has always been to be the loudest. From celebrity feuds to his many political ones, Trump seems to believe that the loudest person is always right. In his ( and his constituents’) eyes, he can do no wrong.

Should people in powerful positions, such as President of the U.S, use social media for addressing negative press?

I think there should be a line for how much people in major positions can tweet. Argueing with companies, journalists, ect is not appropriate on such a public forum as Twitter.

He is truly a puppet master when it comes to how he uses Twitter. No other president has used social media the way he does.  He manages to rally and incite his supporters to his causes.  The President inspires a scary amount of support dispite the numerous lies found in his statements and his unpresidential behaviour.

Will President Trump continue to baffle his opposition and continue to flourish in his postion?
I think so, but I think the real anwser to this remains to be seen.








3 thoughts on “The President’s Tweets: 140 characters vs the Truth 

  1. This was a really interesting read. Coincidentally, I decided to write my last blog on social media and politics as well. It is almost impossible to cover the subject without looking at the incredible power that the Tweeter in Chief has. He has the whole game down pat and knows just how to dominate online discussions. While I think that he does really well with Twitter, I don’t believe that he will flourish as a leader. I’m seriously concerned with the direction that he is going and the implications that his tweeting could have globally.

  2. I am so excited to watch Donald Trumps Twitter account over the next few days. It truly is the beginning of the end for him, and he’s surely going to make an even bigger fool of himself as he goes down! He embodies everything that is wrong with this world, and I personally think he’s an embarrassment to the US. He’s a pathological liar and a bully and that is why he says what he wants to and gets away with it. You can see that behaviour not only in his tweets, but also his press conferences and interviews.

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