Is Social Media the new way to connect?

As I scroll through my various social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, I am bombarded by pictures of fine dining, luxury bags and shoes, exclusive restaurants and private clubs, exotic vacation spots, beautiful homes amongst others…From the accounts I view on social media, it appears the whole world is beautiful with everyone living their lives to the fullest….The more time I spend on social media, the more I want to be on it…..

Many times, I have been out to dinner with a friend or family member and found myself on social media as we await our food or drinks…Atimes I insist we take pictures so I can post a picture of us on social media stating how much fun we are having at a particular location…
Am I the only one that does this? I doubt it…..I have been in restaurants and seen couples that appear to be on a date, yet they are both on phones…The nervousness that is usually associated with first dates is minimised as the couple on a date can spend the time on social media instead of talking….I have seen families at a dinner table with everyone on their phones…(The Image below is a great illustration)


(Image 1) Culled from Pinterest

It appears our phones has created a safe haven for us all…both for introverts and extroverts…We can all sit behind our phones and computers and put up pictures and videos, we can view various post by others online…we can make new friends with strangers all over the world…We can become popular online and have a separate life the one we have in reality…

Social Media creates an opportunity to live in fantasy world and makes the world a global village…While this is great with the fact that we can connect with so many people around the world, yet it appears to pose a huge risk with the fact that we fail to connect with people in our lives and people around us…We are having less face to face interactions and instead yearn for the exciting world of social media….We are endangering our lives with use of phones while driving, with use of phones while walking on the roads…..It is almost like becoming a zombie when the smart phone is in our possession….

It was my birthday just yesterday and I did have a great time with lots of family and friends coming over to spend the day with me. I had a photographer come around to capture many of the great moments…But even as we sat down and enjoyed ourselves, i found myself wanting to create Instagram Stories where I could show what was happening…where I could show the display of food, cards, presents, friends that came around. It appeared there was a need to let my ‘friends’ on the internet know my day was going great….Why is this the case? Why do we feel the need to update social media about what we do?

Has social media become the new way of connecting with friends? Btw I did have a great time and there is a picture below from the party…(There I go again!!!..Remember I did say in my first blog that I love pictures..Well I wasn’t lying)



(Image 2) Ayo Edwards Photography

Some of my friends that came spent a lot of time on social media as well…updating friends about their location and what was happening…taking pictures and uploading on Instagram…It appears this is the new way of connecting and communicating with friends. Perhaps face to face communication might be minimised or seize to exist in the near future..?.

Do you find yourself spending more and more time on social media? Has the quality of time you spend with family and friends been impacted by social media? How do you think we could manage our use of social media without negatively affecting our communicating with the people around us?

facebook Is social media the new way to connect with friends? What are your thoughts?

twitter Will social media replace face to face communication? Any risks to this? #socialmediarisks


  1. Image from Pinterest
  2. Image from Ayo Edwards Photography  19.10.2017

3 thoughts on “Is Social Media the new way to connect?

  1. “Social Media creates an opportunity to live in fantasy world and makes the world a global village” Wow! What a great analogy.

    This past weekend my boyfriend and I were discussing “screen time” with children. He was telling me that one of his friends have 2 kids, aged 1 and 3 and the parents don’t allow them to play with their phones or watch television at home. They want their children to be creative with their imaginations and enjoy face to face play time with each other. Someone suggested to them that by not engaging their children with screen time at a young age, they’ll develop slower, but the mother disagreed with this statement. Her eldest daughter is in daycare, and at Daycare they give the children screen time. Her daughter has learned how to interact with touch screens quickly. The technology will be there for children’s future education, but I do respect the mother for setting boundaries to teach her children the importance of human communication.

    I don’t think there’s a problem of wanting to update your Instagram live story. We enjoy watching others do it, so why can’t we? It’s also a great way to share moments with family and friends who can’t be there to celebrate your birthday with you.

    Perhaps we need to explore how to create social media boundaries during social events. I for one know I need to set social media boundaries for myself! I’m that girl who’s always on her phone, but since taking this course, I’m starting to become more aware of my phone use, and enjoy moments that can’t be captured on Social Media!

    Great post.

  2. Thank you so much for your comments MunchK1nz…You gave such great insights.!!! Thanks for making me feel better with my love for constantly sharing:-) It is great to hear that this course has helped you to become more aware of your phone use and you are starting to change your usage. Like you, the course has helped me realise my excessive phone use, but I am still working on reducing it the usage!!!
    I understand where the mum you mentioned is coming from because screen use can be so addictive for kids with movies and endless games. It is always hard to get them off it and it appears when the screen time if done, the kids mights appear restless. But I also wonder if the lack of use could also impact the kids negatively. I guess like you mentioned, it is all about creating boundaries and having a balance of both sides. Like anything in life, too much of it can be bad. Ensuring that we move along with technology but not letting technology take over our lives is crucial.

  3. “Many times, I have been out to dinner with a friend or family member and found myself on social media as we await our food or drinks”. I find myself doing this A LOT lately when I’m out. Not so much when the person I’m with is there with me, but if they leave the table, or go somewhere else for a couple minutes. My default has become to reach for my phone and either check social media, email, or just search around online to kill the time until they get back.

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