COM0015 – Blog Post 2 – Strong and Weak Organizations

By far, the company I see most active on social media is the Walt Disney Company. However I am not going to focus on the company’s overarching social media but rather to their dedicated Walt Disney World social media pages. This includes active Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages in addition to advertisements and promotions that are run on other social media platforms, websites and television. The park regularly posts updates about updates to news sections of the park such as Pandora or the new Toy Story and Star Wars Lands. In May, the park ended the the staple firework show Wishes which has been at the park for over a decade and replaced it with the updated Happily Ever After fireworks and projection show. The last Wishes show and first Happily Ever After show were live streamed to Facebook and the videos are available on YouTube.

With the advent of the Disney Fairytale Weddings the social media channels have started posting wedding pictures from couples featured on the episode. These posts had three purposes; advertising the television series, advertising the park and advertising Weddings by Disney occasionally even promoting the Alfred Angelo Disney inspired wedding dress line. 

On Instagram, there are regular posts of families enjoying themselves at the park.

In contrast, a company that could take better advantage of social media is the Ottawa Humane Society. At present, the not-for-profit only posts about animals that are available for adoption, usually if they have been at the shelter for a lengthy period of time. Occasionally they will post about an event they are hosting but this is rare. The OHS could take better advantage of social media by posting about unique rescue stories, posting whenever they have new animals at the shelter and not simply advertise the animals that have been there for a long time. They could also post about tips to keep pets safe throughout the year, at present that is only done in media releases which don’t tend to reach their social media fun base. Creating different content for their various platforms could also help their following as they tend to post about the same thing on both Facebook and Instagram.

2 thoughts on “COM0015 – Blog Post 2 – Strong and Weak Organizations

  1. Hi Alex! I totally agree that the Ottawa Humane Society could do so much better with their Social Media. I am actually looking for a rescue dog for my family but we really need to have the right fit. I wish that I could get all the info I need without having to go down to the shelter. there are so many things they could do to get people engaged and and even for fundraising efforts. Its such a wonderful place and they are missing the mark 😦

  2. Hi Alex, I meant to leave a comment about the Disney portion of your blog too. Disney definitely knows how to use social media to their advantage. They use their Twitter page to remind their audience of everything Disney. From Disney Movies, Events, Shows, Theme Park Rides and Characters, they don’t miss a beat. Their Twitter feed posts almost always include a picture or video that catches your eyes with vibrant colours and sounds. I love how they give their audience tons of information about what is going on at their parks as well as event updates and even cancellations etc.Disney is a great example of using a free marketing tool to its full advantage.

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