COM0015 – blog #2 – Strong & Weak Organizations

When it comes to good social media strategy, it is obvious that  the shoe company Aldo has planned and used several tactics to engage the public and promote their brand. Their Facebook page was designed to interact with its consumers, and it includes polls, shoe trends, style experts and influencers interviews, product information, as well as information about in-store events. Aldo has engaged in a two-way conversation with its clients, creating posts that allow followers to post questions to the experts to answer.


Fashion influencers at in-store event. Photo by Aldo Vietnam Facebook page.

In a recent interview, the CEO of Aldo stated: “For us to be able to communicate and to translate our core values of love, integrity, and respect with the end consumer, we really need to have a capability to do that across not just channels, but also all forms of communication whether it’s social media, online, or in a person-to-person relationship”, which means that Aldo is not only using effective strategies, and listening to its public, but also bringing a humane side to its connection with consumers. I believe that’s one of the things that make their strategy strong. They currently have a community of over 4,2 million followers that keeps growing as a result of their great social media plan.

On the other hand, it’s fair to say that any company without a plan, surely has a poor strategy. Organizations without social media goals, rules and tactics have a weak strategy, or no strategy at all. Posting random content, no understanding of the tools, failing to respond and support customers, deleting negative reviews and comments to suppress problems or treating social media as channel for sales offers only, are indicators of a weak strategy. Many small companies display these characteristics, so  if you are looking for company names to poke, you can easily find them.



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