Halfmoon Yoga

COM 0014 Blog #4, Catherine Whittaker

Colorful Leaf books. Book coverLast December I managed to do most of my Christmas shopping online. I used Canadian businesses whenever possible to eliminate duties and other shipping fees. While looking for gifts for my yoga buddies, I discovered Halfmoon Yoga which is based in Vancouver.

Their webpage was my first point of contact. It offered the bolsters and eye pillows I was looking for, as well as an offer of free shipping! So far, so perfect! When I was ready to purchase, I was asked to join the Halfmoon Yoga mailing list. In return I would get a small discount on my next purchase, and receive news about yoga  products and specials.

The first instalment of the newsletter came to me a few days later and offered 30% off Christmas gifts, including the items that I had just purchased at full price! So, as a savvy consumer, I sent a quick note saying that if I had known a special was coming up I would have waited until the 30% discount applied to make my purchase. Halfmoon Yoga responded promptly. My order had been shipped already so they could not simply cancel it. They did, however, refund the difference in purchase price, directly to my Paypal account and I received my yoga gear right on schedule. As a consumer, I was very pleased. The product was great, the customer service was great and I continue to buy from them.

The Halfmoon Yoga newsletter is pretty good too. Through it I have connected to their blog. The topics they cover have a uniquely Canadian perspective and they focus on yoga and other related topics.  Recently I read A Full Moon Ritual — Women Who Gather Under the Light of the Moon, (https://www.shophalfmoon.com/blog/full-moon-ritual-mara-branscombe/) and, in June, I’ll admit that I did look into Shopping for Dads (https://www.shophalfmoon.com/blog/20-off-dad-favourites/)  in order to find some Father’s Day items. I have made a subsequent purchase and used the little discount that I received for joining the mailing list.

I have followed them onto facebook where I am a now a friend. The facebook page is a good one with lots of videos, contributions from “influencers” in the yoga world, and lots of tips and encouragement for those of us who need it.

Overall, I give Halfmoon Yoga’s social media efforts top marks. They connect with me in tone and lifestyle. The 30% refund of my initial purchase shows that they are listening to thier customers and willing to take offer the 30% discount in order to generate a long term relationship. The occasional email newsletter that they send has quality content.

Colorful Leaf books. Book coverHalfmoon Yoga benefits because I take the time to read their emails, and click through to the links that they provide.  For them, the newsletter is a way to connect with previous customers and to widen their social network reach by asking me to like them on facebook, and share them and so on. As well, like I am doing in this post, I am happy to recommend them because I received such good service.  CW.



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