COM0015 Blog Post #2 Strong & Weak

A company that deserves some serious recognition when it comes to their social media game is Go Pro. The camera/video recording technology giant was an early adopter of dominating several social networks and to give you a quick idea of their current status take a look at the chart below:

Platform Followers
Twitter 2.36M
Facebook 10.3M
Instagram 13.2M
YouTube 5.1M

Impressive, right? Go Pro taps into human emotions every day, encouraging their followers to post content (videos) of their everyday lives. The bonus? These videos are created by using GoPro products so they are killing two birds with one stone. Using hashtags that promote their products (#GoProHero6 for example) but also hashtags that promote a #YOLO lifestyle such as their #followme travel hashtag invite a wide target of people to participate in the conversation. GoPro also uses ambassadors (who use the #GoProAmbassador hashtag) that are notorious for high adrenaline activity that they capture using their products (same idea as Redbull). They tap into the millennial market with their highly visual and appealing content and video sharing (their YouTube channel is loaded with action packed videos, some that have been viewed and shared over 600K times). On Facebook and Instagram, GoPro’s loyal community does the work for them by consistently tagging them in content that the company can re post and use to their advantage.

On the other end of the spectrum, a company that I believe could utilize social media and see quick, positive results would be Aurelius Food Co. which is a small Ottawa business that produces and supplies high quality olive oil to the public and to restaurants. They currently have a small presence on Facebook and Instagram but I think they could highly benefit from creating a Twitter account to promote their brand and cross promote the events that they attend where they set up promotional booths.

According to “The oleic acid in olive oil is highly resistant to oxidation and has been shown to have beneficial effects on genes linked to cancer” and I think they need to leverage these health benefit facts to promote their product beyond cooking use (which is the only ‘benefit’ they have tapped into and promoted thus far). I think it is vital for Aurelius to take advantage of social influencers in and around the Ottawa area to promote their brand – since they are so new, they have yet to develop a loyal community and give reason for people to go out and buy their product (which is manufactured and shipped from Italy – unlike many EVOO brands we see in retail grocery stores). With the increase of live video feeds and video content, they could use their influencers (both food bloggers and health bloggers) to show them using their product in real time in various ways (i.e cooking up a stirfry or soaking their hair in it for beauty regiments) to engage their followers. Then, they should create a hashtag and encourage the community to show their favourite recipes or health regiments using Aurelius olive oil. They could also run a campaign that narrows in on the cancer fighting benefits encouraging people to consume 2 tablespoons of olive oil every day, post a video or photo and use the hashtag #aureliusfightscancer or #EVOOadaykeepsthedoctoraway.

According to Food and Health are two of the biggest 2017 search trends on Pinterest and I think a great way for this small business to drive more traffic to their website (where consumers can learn more about their products and where to purchase them) would be to pin their Instagram photos to this online tool.

Lastly, Ottawa Life Magazine is a great resource for promotion. With 5000 followers on Facebook, they are able to share content to a fairly large audience in the Ottawa area (Aurelius’ target market). OLM creates 1 page posts about Ottawa companies and influencers (I have worked with them in the past to promote my show on Bell TV1) and this would also drive people to their website and ultimately increase the chance of purchase.

One thought on “COM0015 Blog Post #2 Strong & Weak

  1. I completely agree with the suggestions and ideas you gave to improve Aurelius Food Co. social media, specially because in the food business, there are so many things that can be done. From videos to cooking contests, recipe sharing, photo contests, etc…but because they are a small company, they probably don’t have a professional to take care of that, which is a pity, it would make a huge difference to their sales.

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