Fourth Place is Fine with Me


Which of the social media platforms is my favorite? Answer, Twitter. My reasoning, it is a very quick way to inform, communicate and instantly update people. Twitter was the first social media outlet I signed up for, yes even before Facebook, which I actually joined 2 years ago. (do not gasp, don’t judge me) When Twitter first started out it was more successful with celebrities, most common people did not use it. This was the best way to interact with a celebrity that you liked. My main reason for joining Twitter was to interact with celebrities and share my love for their work and ask questions.

I joined Twitter when it was just starting out and it was defiantly not popular in Canada, I like to always say I was the first Canadian with Twitter. When I joined I first followed actress Charisma Carpenter for Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel and Canadian actress Jennifer Finnigan, this way I could maybe interact with them and find out about current projects they are working on. It took maybe a month to have my first interaction with both actresses commenting on roles they have played that I felt impacted me. To this day I still tweet with both of them as well as others, through the years I have started following a lot more people, celebrities and companies.

I got the exciting opportunity to meet Charisma Carpenter when she attended Comic Con in Ottawa a few years ago. How did I find out she was going to be there? A tweet of course. She was a last-minute replacement for Eliza Dushku who had to cancel, she tweeted the day before the convention started that she would be attending. At the time I was working in Ottawa so after work that next day I attended my first Comic Con and got to meet Charisma. What happened when I met her will shock you. We said hello to each other and she saw my name “Eldon” on a Post-it note to use to autograph a photo of herself. She saw the name and said “Eldon? like Eldon Hunter?” I said “Yes” to which she replied, “I know you, we’ve chatted on Twitter a few times right?” Containing my excitement and composure I replied “Yes” with a smile. We continued to chat for about 10 minutes about different things, her career, Canada, future projects etc.. So, you see how social media (Twitter) helped connect a celebrity and a fan, two strangers, that when in person the celebrity would recognize them.

Why the need for my title is because of an article by Priit Kallas that found Twitter to be ranked the fourth most popular form of social media that is used on a daily basis. In my mind Twitter is ranked number 1. Twitter is my most used form of social media and app for that matter, it helps keep me up to date with daily events, world events, and yes keeps me updated on my celebrities.

What form of social media is your favorite? How has it helped you connect with others over the world?

facebook Which social media is my favorite to use? Would it surprise you that it’s number 4? Fourth Place is Fine with Me

twitter Fourth Place is Fine with Me  Why #Twitter is my fav social media to use

4 thoughts on “Fourth Place is Fine with Me

  1. Great post Eldon, and very cool story about meeting Charisma, that must have been awesome! Twitter is also my preferred social media platform, and for the most part, the only one I use. Perfect for bite size amounts of info that I can click on to take me to the full story if I want it.

  2. Wow – how awesome that you got to meet one of your favourite celebrities through twitter. Maybe it’s time I explored it a bit more – signing up is as far as I have gotten. And I say good on you for not joining facebook for so long! It takes up far more of my time than it should, which is one of the reasons I’m scared to dive into twitter. How much of your day does it take up?

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