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I recently decided to get healthier and wanted to be accountable in some way, so I hired MS Fitness.  I was very impressed that what I needed was available so easily over the web.  I had to fill out some online paperwork and submit it back in order to get my fitness/nutrient plan.  Within 48 hours I was all set up and ready to begin.

My meals were laid out for the week ahead complete with a shopping list so I couldn’t miss anything, an exercise plan for the week that had me excited and an app for me to keep a journal of everything I eat and everything I do.  Immediately I started to receive emails with post from Facebook with lots of yummy recipes and its a private group so you can ask questions and talk to others doing the program as well.   Lots of tweets and Instagram post to keep you motivated.

So Friday I had surgery and after 3 days of not using the journal I was contacted by MS Fitness to see if everything was going okay, I was very impressed to know that someone was actually making sure that I was being accountable.

MS Fitness is a new business that has started in my community so keeping it local appealed to me.  They are off to a good start with using social media and I absolutely loved the fact that rather than send out an email/text they picked up the phone.

How about you do you like to hear that friendly voice on the phone asking how you are or would you rather a simple email/text saying “How r u?”?

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