Sexuality in the work world: #boundaries

News and media were filled this week with the breaking news of the women who came forward with the allegations against Hollywoods mogul, Harvey Weinstien.  The woman who came forward is being hailed a hero, brave and quite apparently, not alone.  I have  a few questions to ask about this story, and the many women that have come before in regards to men using their power by forcing themselves on women.

I think the first question is:  “Why is the boundary line for some men so clear, and so blurry for others?  I think of one of the mind blowing media stories about Trump during his run for presidency .  It was that of the leaked recordings of Trump admitting that he groped women against their will, and I don’t think I need to repeat the word that were leaked to the public!  How did the American people overcome this and elect such a person into power?   Was it the strong media campaign against the hatred of the Democratic Party that the Americans would rather have a man like this in office?  Women around the world were outraged, yet it just seemed to get buried into the news of Hillary’s emails and Trump going to “Make America Great Again!”  Hillary recently brought this back into the forefront with her doing interviews of her new book, “What Happened”, by stating that the American people voted “someone who admitted to sexual assault” into the White House.

The second question I have is;  “Why do women continue to “let” this happen?”  I use the word “let”, as this is the word used by some when speaking about this topic.  I have had a personal experience in my work place.  I had applied for a job in an organization I have worked for, at that time over 20 years.  When I was told I didn’t get the job I was told, “Well you were certainly the best looking candidate”.  This is a much smaller scale as I dismissed it at the time as a kind of backhanded compliment coming from a senior manager.  Is this what happened to powerful women like Angelina Jole and Gwyneth Paltrow to only name a few, who never came forward until this past few weeks?  Is it just so shocking that you’re afraid to say something?  Is that you question what you are wearing, did you make inappropriate eye contact?  These were all points brought up by Meygn Kelly this week on her show.  She was relating her experience of leaving Fox News because of the attacks on her from Donald Trump through his Twitter.

What was a coincidence is that all of this came in the same time that we celebrated the movement “International Day of the Girl”.  We had leaders like Sophie Gregoire Trudeau speaking out about the power girls have in so many aspects of life.  This campaign came with many social media messaging that I think is very important today.



I think that it is great to have leaders like the women we see on the big screen and women like Sophie Gregoire Trudeau or Emma Thompson who have a platform and use it to lift girls and women to their full potential throughout the power of education, knowledge and being fearless.

So how do we teach this generation how to carefully navigate this world of SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

Here are a few media campaigns that are trending on Twitter….or not trending!

#MeToo is taking Facebook by storm where women can share their stories

#Rose McGowen has been silenced on Instagram and Twitter

2 thoughts on “Sexuality in the work world: #boundaries

  1. Boundaries in the workplace were being crossed long before Donald Trump admitted to assaulting women. He just made it cool. It was “locker-room talk”. Not a big deal!
    Unfortunately, we live in a world where “boys will be boys”, where victims are blamed, and sadly, where predators know they will get away with it. I for one, saw male friends and co-workers humbled by how many women just spoke up, not necessarily telling their full story, but just adding their names to the long, long list of victims of harassment and assault.

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