COM0015 – Blog #2: Strong & The Weak?

COM0015 - Blog #2 Strong & Week

The average attention span of a human had fallen to eight seconds which I have read is down from 12 seconds since year 2000. As technology advances and consumers’ attention spans continue to decline, new companies that are looking to stimulate consumer interest in their brands face a difficult challenge. For a business, this means taking a tactical approach to getting your message to boom fast.

Making it personal is tailoring your message to individual customers is a powerful way to stand out among the noise. Let photos speak for you because an impactful photo can communicate a thousand words. Encouraging participation on social media channels is also advised. Inviting consumers to participate in creative social media campaigns can shape personal ties with your brand and keep you top of mind. Lastly, keeping it simple just simply works. You have a lot to say, and using text to communicate your message is great, especially if you’re trying to optimize your website for SEO purposes. But the reality is that most consumers don’t want to read or hear lengthy, text-heavy ads.

Domino’s is a great example of genius when you think of the brands that like to try to keep up with the new digital technology that others may be afraid to try. Domino’s is certainly way out ahead in the fast food market, constantly updating its mobile experience. The younger generation is certainly up to speed with using their mobile device for everything, certainly not like the older generation that are slowly adapting to this new technology.

The brands updating of social media has included great ideas such as tweet-to-order and the recently introduced ‘DOM The Pizza Bot’, which is an wicked little Messenger bot that lets customers order their usual with a couple of clicks in their favorite chat app which makes the experience more fun and also aiming for that younger generation.

Domino’s social approach is well-integrated and up to date with social media. The brand’s Pizza Legends campaign is another intelligent example that allows people to visit the website, create their own ultimate pizza design, then name it and share it on social media.

Pepsi has also embraced the technology; carving out an ambitious social strategy aimed at building relationships with the millennial generation, soon to be part of the largest consumer group in history.

An article written by David Hatch of US News and World Report (Read Article) does a great job of breaking down Pepsi’s social strategy which is the centerpiece of which is its “Live for Now” marketing campaign. The campaign that targets the market of 18-35 year old’s is a great example of an established brand effectively utilizing five critical aspects of social media marketing which include consumer engagement, user-generated content, data aggregation, geo-local, and inbound marketing.

Pepsi is a great example by monitoring what people say online about its products, Pepsi is able to manage user complaints in real time, before they take on a life of their own. Pepsi is hopping on the newest trend in social: SoLoMo, or Social, Local, Mobile. Thanks to the vast consumer adaptation of smart phones, companies like Pepsi can integrate social media with location-based mobile marketing.

Have you realized that the largest company in the world is also the world’s biggest social media holdout? There is still no official Twitter or Facebook account for Apple at this time. Unfortunately both accounts show no activity at all. If you visit Apple’s official Twitter page, you’ll see that it has never tweeted. Apple’s Facebook page has a bare wall as well. Do you think these accounts are legitimate or has someone else decided to create these accounts?

It appears that Apple uses the accounts to buy advertisements for its latest products, like the iPhone 7, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch. These posts are known as dark social, which means that Apple is taking advantage of advertising tools to promote posts that don’t show up on the main account’s feed. Some feel that this approach memorably resulted in promoted tweets revealing the iPhone 7 and its key features before Apple did it itself at one of its launch events. It would appear to everyone that they do not have a social media strategy.

Apple has never had the history to communicate to their audience. This of course does not suggest that they are not using tools to monitor and to listen to their customers. What are your thoughts about Apple needing to develop a social media strategy? It certainly appears that they are doing something right, and just may be the exception to the rules we have learned. Do they not feel diving into social media would find them more customers and build more loyalty with existing?

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