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Did you ever like something so much, but the service was kinda bad, but you still tried to defend it, just because it became a point of pride? I know I have! Well, for this blog I have a B2C experience with one of my favorite companies, MotorTrend, that was just disappointing.

MotorTrend is one of the biggest car reviewers in the world. They started as an automotive magazine in 1949, and are now one of the biggest automotive YouTube channels with 5 million subscribers and 1.8 billion views. MotorTrend have a website where they post blogs/reviews about cars and they also have a new streaming service (like Netflix). This service lets you stream the exact same content that they eventually post to YouTube, but the only perk you get is that you can watch it 1 month before it’s released. This service was not the greatest for someone like me, who was a long-time follower. Another reason why I left MotorTrend On Demand after 1 month of subscribing was because of the lack of content. The fee of $4.99 a month was a good price point, but the rate that content was released was abysmal. You would still have to wait month-to-month for an episode to be released. If they truly wanted to make their service great they should’ve released all the episodes at once (like Netflix), and then did the month-to-month release just on YouTube.


MotrTrend On Demand list of shows

MotorTrend On Demand received a lot of complaints on Twitter and Facebook about that problem. Although the social media team were on the case right away and were apologetic and on point with their fans, the root of the problem has never been fixed. I feel bad for their social media person, because you can only apologize so many ways. Still to this day the platform has remained the same.

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