Pins? Boards? What is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest was established in March 2010 and co-founded by Ben Sibermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra. (About Pinterest) These three gentlemen created an online social network that allows people to create visual social bookmarks through photos and videos that can belong to the user or others. They also have a free downloadable app that is available iOS and Android users. Now that we know who and when Pinterest was created, my next question is how do we use Pinterest?


To better understand Pinterest, perhaps we need to learn how to speak the Pinterest language. Pin, Re-Pin, and Pinboards, What does it all mean? Let us break it down.

Pin (or as I like to call #Pinning) – A pin is when you share a bookmark from the internet to your Pinterest account.

Re-Pin – Think of it like a ReTweet on Twitter. You’re basically re-sharing someone else’s Pin.

Pinboards – Think of a physical cork board where you can put up photos and ideas with thumbtacks to “Pin” them onto your board. These are the categories you create online help you organize your ideas or interests.

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How Users are #Pinning

My cousin used to sit me down in front of the computer and click aimlessly on the internet to show me ideas for her wedding. I understood her concept and colour theme, but she was overloading my brain and I couldn’t keep up with all the websites. I told her to copy and paste the links to an email and send them to me so I could have a better look to give her feedback on what I thought. Then, my cousin discovered Pinterest and made me join it so she could share her visual wedding board with me. This helped me give my cousin feedback faster to help her organize her wedding. What’s cool about Pinterest is that they give you the option to make collaborative boards. This allows users to add their input and ideas to a board. My cousin chose not to have anyone collaborate to her wedding board because she’s a control freak and only wanted opinions.

How I use Pinterest

I’m a heavy Instagram user and post photos of my finished knitting projects. I was having a conversation with someone about knitting, and they asked if I had photos of my projects. I was trying to scroll through 3 years of photos on my phone and was having a difficult time trying to find my best work. I turned to Instagram but was having the same problem of scrolling through photos. I needed a better option to showcase my work, then I remembered I had a Pinterest account. I created a board called Munchkinz Knitting Adventures This board helped me organize all the knitting projects I’ve posted on my Instagram to be filed into one place to use as a point of reference. I also use Pinterest to help me organize recipe ideas I find online or through recipe apps, I use on my iPhone like Yummly. When I look at my Pinterest profile and reflect on my learnings about personal branding, I think I’m going to take the time to organize my boards and tailor it more with my brand on Instagram.

Are you a pinterested user? Help contribute to the conversation by sharing how you use pinterest.


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8 thoughts on “Pins? Boards? What is Pinterest?

  1. I loved your blog post. I definitely agree with you — Pintrest is such a great platform. I love using it to keep all my recipes organized! The second I need to find a recipe I always head straight to Pintrest. I also completely agree with your statement about Pintrest really reflecting your personal brand — it’s so true! Just by looking through someone’s Pintrest boards you can definitely begin to understand a lot about him or her.

    • It really is a great way to organize recipes! I really need to use pinterest more often! I’ve made some great recipes off of it!

  2. Lovely write up MunchK1Nz….!!! I love pinterest…As you stated, I love the fact that you can access all the pictures/images easily….!!! I use it for fashion and getting ideas about how to style some of my outfits…!!!…I also use it for inspirational quotes and of course fitness…On days when i remember my 2017 goal of loosing weight, I always access my pinterest…!!!

      • Sorry I hadn’t checked this in a while. I like the Healthy Tips & Ideas..I also like the Fitness Motivation…It always helps to remind me of where i want to get to.

  3. I am in fact a Pinterest-er! I love it for my food blogging – it is actually the number one tool that drives traffic to my website as I always pin my recipes and have created a blogger profile using pinterest! I also use it daily for inspiration – anything from recipes to fashion and home decorating tips. Seriously, an incredible tool that anyone can benefit one, especially to increase your site visitors since clicking on a pin directs you right to the ‘pinners’ site! great post!

    • That’s so awesome! What a great tool to use for your blog to track visitors for your blog! I’m happy to hear that people are trying your recipes!

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