Stay Positive

What is Crowd Funding?

Crowdfunding is a way for businesses and personal causes to help raise money by asking a large group of people for donations. (Wikipedia) There are crowdfunding networks who help with this. I will be discussing a crowdfunding network called Go Fund Me, and how the Toronto Drum and Bass community came together to raise money for the FREQUENCY – BEAT DOWN CANCER FUND! Fundraiser

Heartbreaking News

A few months ago, The Toronto drum and bass community got word that one of their own was diagnosed with cancer. This person’s name is Dave, and he is one of my best friends. To his community, he is known as MC Frequency. This news was devastatingly heartbreaking! Dave also announced that he needed to take 8 months off work to start treatments. He had hundreds of family, friends and colleagues send him encouraging comments and told him to remain strong!

 Stay Positive

Dave’s mantra is to stay positive no matter what life throws at you. He decided to share with his community how he has been handling his cancer by posting a series of live videos on his Facebook and Instagram to talk about his journey to recovery. His cancer has taught him to be grateful for what he has, to live a healthy lifestyle, and to just roll with the punches as they come to you. He posted a live video on Facebook a few weeks ago and talked about the Monday blues. He was telling a story to his audience about how he was late for an appointment and was supposed to meet up with a friend but slept in. He then reflected that in the past he would beat himself up for being late for an appointment. All this negative energy would follow suit, thus slowing him down and making it difficult for him to continue having a good day. Dave’s wanted to encourage his audience not to beat yourself up. We are all human and make mistakes and It’s not worth stressing over every little thing! Instead, to try to correct what you have done wrong and move forward with your day. His final message in the video was to keep saying to yourself, “I can,” instead of “I can’t”. Dave knows that he is sick, but he’s not going to let Cancer defeat his spirit. If you would like to view the video, you can do so by clicking here.

Frequency – Beat down Cancer fund

Marcus Visionary is a very well-known DJ in the Toronto drum and bass community. He is good friends with Dave, and it hit him hard when he found out that his friend got diagnosed with cancer. Dave’s positive energy inspired Marcus to organize a last-minute fundraiser event for him.  He reached out to the Drum and bass community through Facebook to round up DJs and MC’s to perform at the event.

17 DJs and 4 MC’s volunteered to play at an event called Run Dnb Fam Jam MC Frequency.

Marcus realized that due to conflicting schedules, not everyone could go out on a Thursday night. He also needed to find another way to reach out to people to collect money for the fundraiser. He created a page on Go Fund Me, a crowdfunding platform tailored to people who need help to raise money for a personal or medical cause. (Wikipedia) The campaign is called, FREQUENCY – BEAT DOWN CANCER FUND! Marcus created the page around noon and set a goal to raise $1000. The story states that Dave is in a battle with cancer and is struggling financially to cover expenses. It encouraged the community to help a friend out by making a small donation if they couldn’t make it to the RUN DNB event. Within 24 hours the campaign raised $2281 on Go fund me, and $750 at the event. People still donated to the fund, even after the event was over. The campaign raised a total of $2571 on the Go Fund Me page. That’s $1571 over the asking goal!

Cameo appearance by Mc Frequency

Dave announced on the event page that he wasn’t going to attend the event because when he’s outside for long periods of time he easily gets sick. When the night of the event rolled around, Dave felt strong enough to make a cameo appearance to the Run Dnb fam jam Mc Frequency.

To show his appreciation, Dave did a short MC performance. He had not performed at a Drum and Bass event for almost three years, so this marked a special moment for the Toronto Drum and bass scene!

Final Thoughts

It really is amazing how Dave’s positive energy has transpired to the Toronto drum and bass scene. Social networking sites like Facebook and Go fund me are such powerful tools, and can really bring a community together during tough times! Dave continues to inspire me daily and reminds me to live my life to the fullest! The treatments he has been going to have gotten rid of 80 % of his cancer in his chest. I’m so proud of him, and amazed at how he’s conquering his battle with cancer with his positive mindset!  Stay strong Dave, and keep spreading your positive attitude to the world! How has Social media impacted your community in a positive way?

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facebook Stay Positive! Beat Cancer!









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2 thoughts on “Stay Positive

  1. Love your post!!!……WoW….MC Frequency sounds so cool….It’s amazing to read on how positive he spite of his diagnosis!!! Reading about him has been so inspiring and I like the fact that he talked about how negative energy can mess up the rest of the day…Just like he highlighted when he was late for the meeting…!!!…I have seen the use of GoFundMe to raise awareness for many people and causes and I find that it is a very useful too….

    • Thank you for your reply 🙂 I’ll be sure to show Mc Frequency your comment. I shared my blog post with him and he was very humbled by it. He told me it really made his day. I’m glad I could contribute to his positive energy.

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