The “Good and the Bad” of Trump Tweeting

The “Good and the Bad” of Twitter with Donald Trump

So my question to everyone is, can we all agree that this American President is using social media through one main medium-Twitter to the max.  There has never been an American President who has been so controversial in his opinions and his voice through his followers on Twitter.  I have been watching American news and at least one morning every week and more often more than one, where we wake up to a Tweet from the President that is challenging a person or group, a government policy, his own staff or the media themselves.

There have been many American’s who have a voice that also have our attention who have been using their power to voice out their concerns about the sometimes crazy actions of their President.  My favourite is the Nightly Update on Saturday Night Live.  My question is, how is their President become such a great source of comedy for all of us?

This seems very controversial for we Canadians as we expect so much more finesse from our Prime Minister.  Can we imagine that Prime Minister Trudeau would challenge one of our National Sports teams by saying they need to be fired because they are using their platform to voice their opinion?  I believe as Canadians we do a much better job of inclusion and listening to peoples options and repeating rights of all.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/cowboys-cardinals-football.jpg


My question is, is he challenging them as disrespecting the flag or is it a racial response to why the players are kneeling during the National Anthem.  The issue is not being handled as we would expect a leader of a nation to do, but rather President Trump continues to challenge the issue by having Vice President Pence leave a sporting event after the National anthem and then have the picture Tweeted out.  To me, this is simply fuelling peoples internal fires and not leading the country to common grounds and compromise and consideration.

I believe that challenges and controversy does bring growth.  Can you imagine the difference this presidency could bring if he did put out challenges as he has in the past and then came with solutions for growth?

What is the most controversial Tweet you have heard from Trump?

2 thoughts on “The “Good and the Bad” of Trump Tweeting

  1. In answer to your question, I don’t think it’s the most controversial tweet from Trump, but to me it’s the most shocking that an American president would retweet of the GIF where it shows trump swinging a gold club, then the next segment shows the golf ball photoshopped in hitting Hilary Clinton in the back and her tripping up the stairs on her way to a plane. By him doing this, it made me feel like he was telling young people that it’s okay to be a bully on the internet.

  2. Chris, have you heard that Twitter is increasing their characters from 140 to 280 for a select few, and eventually to the world? It’s scary to think what kind of trouble and controversy Trump can create with the luxury of 140 more characters. More room for spelling errors for one. Check out this article that shows predictions of some of the tweets he might grace us with (it’s pretty funny!)

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