COM0014 – Blog 3

The blog I want to create would share my love of cars and the automobile industry. My biggest passion is cars; I’m a straight-up petrol head. I’ve researched various brands, and compared everything from their financial aspects, prestige, history, engineering, marketing, designers, racers, etc. Having also been a race car driver and drifter, I bring an insiders perspective to my audience. This will help me when reviewing the news stories of the day or new products hitting the market.

MT- Drag race

Image fom : The greatest drag race

My audience is very general; it could be anyone who is passionate about the automotive industry, which isn’t an exclusive demographic.  There isn’t really an age or gender that I precisely target, but I believe that younger males aged 12-30 would be my primary audience because of my writing style and because the content of my blog is focused on cars. However, elderly men and women are the ones who primarily drive luxury, restored, or super cars since they have the disposable income. So, these enthusiasts would be part of my demographic as well.


Since my audience is varied in demographics, I would also vary my communication techniques. To target the younger audience, I would have blogs that connect to other pages on social media and incorporate forums to foster discussion. To target the older audience, I would use visual aids and videos to further my narrative. One of my big goals would be to create a live event that would gather together my audience where they would be able to share their knowledge, bring their cars, and meet enthusiasts of all ages.

2 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog 3

  1. Nice post! I might be part of your target audience. I drive a 1971 Triumph Spitfire. Perhaps I am not your traditional car lover; I am female and over 50. Considering the amount of time we spend in our vehicles, it makes sense to drive something that we like and not just something to get us place to place. I look forward to see what you post in the future.

  2. A proper British sports car, it must be so much fun to drive. Like the MG’s, TVR’s, Austin’s or the rare Jensen’s, these cars are so great to drive because of the connection between car and driver, where there is no comparison with today’s modern car. It makes me smile every time someone tells me that they have a restored car. There is so much time and patience to put in a car like that but the result when you drive, I am sure there is no better feeling. Thank you for your comment and for keeping history in our roads!
    And if you have time here is some of my blogs: : A New Automotive Golden Age? : The Ferrari You Just Can’t Have

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