COM0014 – Blog #3 – Target Audiences

In entering the dance wear market, there are two main target audiences we need to consider. Demographically speaking, we first typically see young girls/adolescents between the ages of 10-17. They are likely still in public school and high school, and single. Second would be mothers of these young women, who are likely graduates of post-secondary studies. These moms are likely married with children, and possibly a blended family. We are able to make these assumptions due to the overall cost of dance classes/competitive dance training. In psychographic terms, lifestyle choices of these mothers and daughters, typically fall into the followers’ bracket. They like to be trendy with the latest styles and products, as middle to upper class beings, meaning they have sufficient means of disposable income. The assumption can also be made that their opinions matter to others like them, and they share information on where they got their latest products. Methods of communication which would be sufficient in communicating with both of these audiences include social media platforms such as: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Pinterest. They can also be reached by email, regular mail, flyers, demos, in person and “refer a friend, receive a discount offers”.  Overall, this specific target group is one easy to reach through numerous mediums of communication, digital, and not.

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