COM0015 – Blog Post #1 – Tools & Sources

Choosing my 2 favourite Social Media Trend Listening and Monitoring Tools was something I thought would be quite challenging for me. These tools are not something that I have used in a while, on a daily basis in my personal life or at my current employer. There are just so many tools to choose from it starts to become overwhelming.

While reading about and refamiliarizing myself with Hootsuite, it gave me a glimpse of the type of tool I would consider in the future. Hootsuite would allow me to really see what type of impact different social media are having on my business.  Lynette Ho describes Hootsuite in her digital marketing blog post as, “a social media platform that makes the social world more manageable, measurable, and productive for companies and individuals. You are able to manage your social profiles all from one dashboard, save time finding and automating content to publish and measure your social media performance with analytics.”

Hootsuite seems easy to understand and really just makes a lot of sense to me. I don’t want a tool that becomes too complex or is a full time job to manage. I love that it monitors specific keywords, hashtags, regions, and more. It also stays on top of what other people are saying about your brand or company and it listens to your customers and competitors so that you can gain a competitive advantage.  My favourite piece was that its schedules posts in advance. Now that would be a GAME CHANGER for me!

 Another Tread Listening and Monitoring Tool which I have used in the past and was so simple to use and set up was Google Alerts. Google Alerts allows you to monitor the web for mentions of your company, your competitors, or other relevant topics. Its as easy as going to the Google Alerts page, typing a keyword or phrase in the search box, and providing your email address to receive an email notification every time Google finds results that are relevant to your alert criteria.

Google Alerts was the first Tread Listening and Monitoring Tool that I ever used. Believe it or not I started using it for a Software Company I was working for when it first launched back in 2003 as per Wikipedia. This type of tool is ageless and Google is an ICONIC brand. Google  is not going anywhere and  I predict will be continuing to push Google Alerts to continue to compete as a relevant Trend Listening and Montioring tool in the future.

Facebook and Twitter are my top 2 Social Media choices. They gather together different perspectives from Media, Political and everyday people around the world.  They also give quick and vital information without the wait and often provide live footage on the go, right in my hand. For me, Social Media must keep me up to date with breaking news and updates from my network to hear about specific events happening around the world.

What are your top two Social Media choices and what attracts you to use them over other offerings?

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