COM0014 Blog #3: Life is a Highway

Truck drivers get a bad rap, so trying to recruit new drivers is not an easy sell now a days, hence the reason for a driver shortage.  All the things that use to entice people to drive truck don’t seem so appealing now, the ability to travel while making money was a dream job and its one of the oldest professions.  People always say if you got it a truck brought it.

The study by the Canadian Trucking Alliance forecast a shortage of 34,000 drivers by 2024.  The demand for drivers is expected to grow the most in Ontario, followed by British Columbia.  Most people that become truck drivers are people that have been in a family of truck drivers, little boys and girls love to go for rides in Daddy’s truck right?  So how do we recruit new drivers, through our past students.  For every new student they send our way they receive $100.00.  Sure we have facebook, twitter, etc. but the people that follow us are usually already driving truck.  We do job fairs and each year we take a truck to various high schools and talk about truck driving as a career choice.

As we look to the future of truck driving the introduction of the self-driving truck has been a hot topic.  While it remains I believe there will always be a need to have someone in the truck in case of electronic issues, loading and unloading and border crossing.  I for one do not look forward to seeing a transport truck with no driver, how about you?

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