COM0014 – Blog #1: Micro Adventure for One

Micro Adventure for One

The stress was mounting!  

I have been working a full time job and running a home based business for more than three years with out a break. I needed a getaway. These days, my husband and sons are really happiest at home, hanging around with friends and sleeping until 2 pm  on weekends. None of them showed any interest in camping anymore. So I planned to go on my own.

Once I decided to go kayaking into backwoods Ontario, the rest was easy.

I booked a campsite, rented a kayak and said I was going away for a few days.  My family was surprised and wondered why.  Some of my friends said, “You can’t go by yourself, its dangerous.” I did it anyway.

Kayaking on Round Schooner Lake

This is the view from my kayak.

While I have been camping for years, including many trips into the back country, I usually had a canoe and fellow paddlers.  As a family, when we all went together, we took two canoes. Compared to my kayak, canoes seem big and roomy with lots of space for gear.

How do you pack a kayak? I really had no idea.  Before the trip, I spent time on the internet. Of course, online videos were great. Typically back country gear goes into dry bags; fancy water proof sacs with fold over tops that keep the contents dry if they end up in the lake.

Kayak packing means loading all your gear into dry bags that are small enough to fit through the front and back hatches of the kayak. The key to getting them back out again is the long cords that are tied to each one and looped back to a spot where you can reach them. Otherwise I’d be flipping my boat upside down and shaking the stuff out.

The trip in was a two hour drive on bumpy roads and it took about four hours of paddling to get to where I was going. The weather was fine and the conditions were good. After all, I was on my own and didn’t need to co-ordinate with other people. I could take my time and enjoy the day.

Site 5 on Round Schooner Lake turned out to be beautiful; sun shining through leafy trees, a nice smooth rock shore with a little sand beach off to one side, and a nice easy place to land the kayak.  Made it!

There was a breeze rustling the trees and little waves lapping on the shore. I stayed there for 2 nights and 3 days. I went swimming, did some yoga on the beach, watched the sunrise, went for hikes and lazed around my campsite. In the evenings, I looked at the stars, drank a little wine and ate some nice, simple food. The fire on the beach topped off my awesome days.

Have you been on your own in the wilderness?


Rock art on the beach

I am definitely ready to do it again and stay away longer!


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